Accessing Vehicles
Vehicle Accident or Damages

Accessing Vehicles

The Pace Center for Civic Engagement partners with Enterprise CarShare to support our off-campus volunteer service opportunities. Enterprise will oversee eight vehicles that are shared and dedicated for the exclusive use of the Pace Center and the Facilities departments. 

If you are a part of a Pace Center program, service project or student organization and would like to access a vehicle through the new Enterprise CarShare partnership you must be a Van-Certified Driver and take part in an Enterprise CarShare Training.

  1. Become Van Certified – Go to Public Safety’s Campus Vehicle Driver Certification(link is external) site paying close attention to the instructions on how to become Van (driver)-Certified, including the following three components: Driver History Questionnaire (DHQ), Online Test and Behind the Wheel Test.
  2. Drop Off Documentation to Pace – Drop off your completed Driver History Questionnaire, signed by Public Safety with notation of successful Behind-the-Wheel Test to the Pace Center at Frist 201D. Bring your valid Driver’s License as well. These will be scanned by the Pace Center and kept on file.
  3. Take the Enterprise CareShare Training – The next available session can be found on our Events CalendarThe Training Sessions are approximately 20 minutes long and are required. You will learn how to reserve the vehicles, the policies for use of the vehicles, and your responsibilities as a member. After the session is complete, you will receive your Enterprise Member ID for logging into the exclusive Pace Center CarShare reservation and scheduling system. You will also receive your membership card which is assigned to you specifically and which is used to access the vehicles.

Please Note: You must submit your documentation at least 2 days in advance of attending a CarShare training.

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There are 8 vehicles in the Pace Center CarShare pool that we share with the Office of Facilities, and some 150+ other drivers. It is therefore imperative to be vigilant about cancelling reservations that are not needed, in order to free up vehicles for others. When an unused reservation, or no-show, is not cancelled, it renders that vehicle "locked out" of the pool and places strain on fleet availability.

No-Show Policy
  1. On a weekly basis, "No-Show" reports will be run by Pace staff and identify those drivers with reservations showing "0" miles driven. 
  2. Drivers on this list will be notified, as will their staff adviser. The driver will be given a warning for their 1st infraction.
  3. If a driver appears on the No-Show list a 2nd time, their Enterprise membership will be suspended for the remainder of the semester.
Tips to Avoid Becoming a "No-Show"
  • Log in to your Enterprise account (online or on the app) regularly to review your reservations, and make sure you need them all. This is especially important if you often have several outstanding reservations.
  • Enterprise does not send reminder emails. We suggest that, every time you make a reservation, you create a calendar alert to remind yourself to delete the reservation if you no longer need it.
  • You cannot cancel a reservation once it has begun, but you can edit a reservation to make it shorter. While it is far preferable to cancel unused reservations well in advance, shortening a no-show will decrease strain on fleet availability.

Vehicle Accident or Damages

If you get into an accident or damage a vehicle while participating in a Pace Center program or event. Please abide by the following:

  1. Stay Calm. Do not Leave the Scene. - If possible, move to the side of the road. Turn the engine off, and the hazard lights on.
  2. Call 911. - If the accident occurs off campus, call 911 to file a police report.
  3. Call PSafe (609-258-3333). - Report the incident to University Public Safety
  4. Call Enterprise (877-599-3227). - Any accident or new damage must be reported to Enterprise immediately. Their member service line is available 24/7. If the car is towed, keep a copy of the receipt, and bring it to Rose in the Pace Center.
Upon Returning to Campus
  1. Call the Pace Center (609-258-7260) - Explain the incident, and provide any receipts or other information you were given.
  2. File an incident report with Public Safety - Depending on the nature of the accident, PSafe may ask you to come to their office and write up a formal incident report.

*Damage Claims
Students are not responsible for paying rental vehicle damage claims. If you/your family receives a damage claim invoice, please contact the Pace Center Business Manager Carey Hoover,, 201C Frist, 609.258.0364.