Small Group Learning Experiences

Pace Center Fellows Program

The Pace Center Fellows program brings students together in small groups to engage in regular meaningful dialogue with each other and a staff adviser from the Pace Center. Providing students with an opportunity to engage in intentional learning, the fellows program calls students to action as they engage deeply in critical issues and personal reflection.  Through regular (monthly) engagement over the course of a year, the program aims to foster a sense of community and belonging among its participants.   

Fellows are chosen to participate in the program based on their experiences in service, thoughtful engagement, leadership and commitment to learning through service.  

First Year Fellows: Belonging and Identity Formation

Staff Advisers: Sara Gruppo and Jane Sanchez Swain  

Focusing on the understanding of belonging and identity formation, First Year Fellows engage in identifying personal values, strengthening emotional intelligence, and learn how to cultivate relationships. Through a strong understanding of themselves, First Year Fellows foster intentionality in the relationships they choose to build with their peers and community partners, and are empowered to facilitate intentionality in their future service experiences.

Bogle Fellows: Leadership in Service

Staff Adviser: Kira O’Brien

Returning from a transformative summer experience, John C. Bogle '51 Fellows in Civic Service are placed into two small close-knit peer groups. Throughout the sophomore year, Bogle Fellows explore what it means to be a leader in service; not only the aspects of identity that leadership elevates, but also the responsibilities it incurs. Fellows focus on cultivating clear leadership skills as part of a community who values service as core to its identity. Fellows apply what they learn to the development of a 'manual' for their summer service project, which will guide and support generations of future fellows. 

Organizing Praxis Lab Fellows

Staff Adviser: Eliza Blades

The Organizing Praxis Lab is a yearlong training institute sponsored by the Pace Center for Civic Engagement and the University Center for Human Values. Led by former professional community organizers and current Princeton graduate students, the Praxis Lab is designed for activists with a passion for social justice who desire to learn and hone the skills of organizing. The goal is to provide leadership development and strategic skillsets for student and community activists to effectively and creatively engage in the work of organizing in the current political environment. 

Senior Fellows: Discernment and Meaning Making

Staff Adviser: Evan Schneider

Focusing on exploring concepts of meaning making and lifelong service, the Senior Fellows utilize design thinking to reflect on their experiences in service while at Princeton and explore the ways they can continue to incorporate meaningful service into their lives and careers after they finish their undergraduate education. Senior Fellows support each other as they make big life decisions over the course of the year and help plan a end-of-the-year senior service celebration.