Learning Cohorts

Pace Center Fellows Program

The Pace Center Fellows program brings students together in small cohorts to engage in regular meaningful dialogue with each other and a staff advisor from the Pace Center. Providing students with an opportunity to engage in intentional learning, the fellows program calls students to action as they engage deeply in critical issues and personal reflection.  Through regular (monthly) engagement over the course of a year, the program aims to foster a sense of community and belonging among its participants.   

Fellows are chosen to participate in the program based on their experiences in service, thoughtful engagement, leadership and commitment to learning through service.  

First Year Fellows: Belonging and Identity Formation

Staff Advisor: Eliza Blades  

Focusing on the understanding of belonging and identity formation, the First Year Fellows will engage in naming their values, strengthening emotional intelligence, and learning how to cultivate relationships. First Year Fellows will have the opportunity to apply this learning through the Spring Breakout Trips slated to depart in 2017. Having a strong understanding of themselves will foster intentionality in the relationships they choose to build with community partners on campus and abroad,  as well as empower them to facilitate this intentionality in their participants.

Sophomore Fellows: Leadership Through Service

Staff Advisors: Kira O’Brien

The purpose of this cohort is to gather sophomores together to explore their motivations for engaging in service, to hear and learn from others, to change and grow from what they learn, to consider vocational options, and to practice an intentional celebration and appreciation of difference through empathic listening.  In this way we hope that that participants will connect more deeply and purposefully with their own beliefs and convictions while learning and growing from the difference that engaging other beliefs, centers of moral formation, and ethical systems will afford them.

Junior Fellows: Standing with Communities through Voice and Action

Staff Advisor: Jane Sanchez-Swain

Focusing on the roles that scholarship, advocacy and activism play in communities, the Junior Fellows will explore a deeper understanding of what it means to stand with communities and the value that being an informed citizen brings to make positive impacts in communities. Junior Fellows will have the opportunity to reflect on their service experiences, discuss ways to bridge the community and the academy and learn more about allyship, community organizing and being positive change agents.

Senior Fellows: Meaning Making through Life Long Service

Staff Advisor: Charlotte E. Collins

Focusing on exploring concepts of meaning making and lifelong service, the Senior Fellows will reflect on their experiences in service while at Princeton and explore the ways they can continue to incorporate meaningful service into their lives and careers after they finish their undergraduate education. Senior Fellows will also have the opportunity to share what they have learned through service with others through a presentation of learning in the spring semester.  Senior Fellows will gather once per month for approximately two hours over a meal for the course of the academic year.