Funding is a resource that can be helpful in doing service well. The Pace Center offers funding to support the budgets of student groups associated with the Pace Center. Funding requests from students not affiliated with the Pace Center and the wide campus community are made possible through co-sponsorship requests. You can submit a Co-Sponsorship Request Form (need this to link to the form). These requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis based on need and funding availability at the Pace Center.  We do not fund fundraising events. 

Students Affiliated With the Pace Center

Student Boards and Projects Affiliated With a Pace Center Program

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We provide funding to support student leadership budgets approved by program staff advisors. Student board and project budgets are allocated on an annual basis. 

Student boards have responsibility for the programming and overall budgets of their weekly projects. Board budgets support overall board and program events and activities, and may also, at their discretion, support specific project-related activity. Student project budgets support community partner and volunteer activities. 

Funding to support the student board and project budgets is provided directly to the Pace Center affiliated program. Students with budget responsibility are required to meet regularly with their respective program staff advisor.

Budget development guidelines can be found on our Financial resources page.

Student Organizations Affiliated With the Pace Center

We provide a nominal seed grant to each student organization at the start of the new academic year, or when a new organization is approved by the Pace Center. On a case-by-case basis, we will provide funding to support major events and other activities organized by student organizations which have been submitted and requested through our Event Registration Form. Students must submit a budget, identifying among other things, other funding sources. After the event, the student organization must document the outcomes of the event and share with the student organization staff advisor. Once the funding request is approved, students will apply for the funding directly through SAFE.  Advice for submitting events is found on our Events Resources page.

2017 Princeton Varsity Club Weapons of Mass Construction

Funding requests from student organizations are reviewed by staff to ensure that the funded opportunity reflects the values of the Pace Center and the strategic priorities of the Pace Center. Examples of student organization events/activities that we have supported in the past with funding grants include annual conferences with documented positive results; honorarium for an outside guest speaker reflecting a relevant social issue of interest to the larger campus community; transportation for the group and other Princeton students not in the group to attend a relevant local event. 

We do not fund general student organization activities that can be requested and granted funding through the USG Projects Board (external link to this page on ODUS website

A requirement of funding granted to a student organization includes having officers attend an annual onboarding session with Pace Center staff to review organizational structure, activities and events planned, budget development and stewardship, participation in trainings, and other, resources available. Responsiveness to communication from the Pace Center staff advisor is also strongly encouraged and valued. 

Students Not Affiliated With the Pace Center and Campus Partners

We encourage individual students, groups or campus partners who are connecting their work or other form of engagement with service and a positive impact in the community to contact the Pace Center for resources to do service well. Our primary form of support is in the form of promotional support which includes sharing information on Pace Center social media, the Pace Center website and via our new weekly e-newsletter. 

Occasional small funding grants are provided on a case-by-case request basis. Both promotional support and funding requests from students not affiliated with the Pace Center and campus partners are submitted through our Co-Sponsorship Request Form. For more information, see our Co-Sponsorships page.