Need help with your budget, submitting reimbursements or looking for information on how to set up your fundraiser? Interested in having the Pace Center co-sponsor your next initiative? We can help. 

Creating a Budget
Fundraising Guidelines

Creating a Budget

For Pace Center Student Boards and Service Projects. If you are a Pace Center Student Organization, contact Pace Center Senior Associate Director Elsie Sheidler for more information on how to create a budget.

1. Use the Pace Center Budget Template
Start by downloading the Pace Center Budget Template, which provides a framework for creating a budget for your board or project.

2. Boards: Meet with Your Project Leaders
Work with your Project Leaders to fill out the Budget Template and develop a budget for each semester of the academic year. Boards then meet with their Pace staff advisor to review budget drafts. Approved budgets should be submitted to Elsie Sheidler for confirmation.

3. Submit Your Budget
Student Advocacy/Service Organizations planning events submit a preliminary budget in your Event Registration, and include anticipated funding sources. For large events, plan to meet with the Senior Associate Director, Elsie Sheidler, and the Pace Events Coordinator, Rose Holton, to review budgets, funding, and event logistics.


Setting Up Your Concur Profile

  1. Login to Concur at, and click the Concur button labeled “Login to Concur;” follow prompts for NetID and Password (direct link is at 
  2. Locate the profile tab 3. Under contact information, complete all required fields and update the “Device Name” and “Country Code” sections.  Important: press the OK button (you may have to scroll down to find this). 
  3. Verify your email address; now you can email receipts to and have them automatically uploaded to your receipts folder in Concur.
  4. Set up Concur App on your mobile phone; see “Mobile Registration” in Profile settings.  You will be asked to create a PIN; remember this PIN!  This allows you to take a photo of your receipts and send directly to your Concur expense report.

Expense Settings 
While under the Profile tab, navigate to the sidebar under expense settings, and click “expense approver”.  Type in Elsie Sheidler,, and save.  (NOTE:  If you are creating expense reports for reimbursement from other departments, sources, you must change your “expense approver” from Elsie Sheidler to the administrator authorized to review and approve your report).

Creating Your Expense Report

  1. Under the expense tab, select new expense report. Fill out the request header. Give the report a descriptive name (i.e., Community House PEEK or High Meadows, Interview). Under “Allocation” enter your chart field. The chart field encompasses a department, fund, and possibly a program code; there is ALWAYS a department and fund code.  Please leave site, project, and activity fields blank. If you do not know your chart field for your expense report, email Elsie Sheidler. 
  2. Add expenses from the list of expense types. Try to avoid using Miscellaneous. Here are a few general points about some important expenses: 
    1. Food Products – Grocery/Bulk: The majority of study break foods can be labeled as this, chips, etc… 
    2. Group Meals/Entertainment: This is for meals and all entertainment activities. It will throw an error unless you have inputted all individuals who have attended. For groups of <10, you must input each name. For groups of 10+, you may add in a whole group.
    3. Project Materials: This includes a broad selection of purchases including things like post-its and posters.
    4. Travel:  many travel expenses will require itemization. Make sure you fill out all required information 
  3. Attach a receipt for all expenses. In addition to uploading them from your computer, you can upload them to your account by sending pictures of receipts from your verified email account ( to or from your mobile app.  (NOTE: if you do not verify your email, as explained in Part 1, then you will not be able to email receipts in). Attach by clicking the small green button 
  4. Attach all receipts to expenses including those under $50.00.  Although Concur requires receipts $50.00 or more, the Pace Center policy asks that you attach all receipts to your reports.  
  5. When you have inputted all your expenses into this one report, then you may submit it. Approval should take 1-3 days and then processing by Finance and Treasury usually will be within a week. If you have direct deposit set up, it will reimburse directly into your account. Otherwise, you will receive notice that a check is available for pickup in New South. If any errors have been made in the submission process, your expense report may be sent back.

Fundraising Guidelines

The Office of Religious Life (ORL) and the Pace Center for Civic Engagement can support fundraising efforts on behalf of students and student organizations.  

  • All fundraising events MUST be pre-approved by a staff member of the Pace Center or ORL.  Please submit your fundraising request using our Event Registration Form on the Find Your Pace Database at least two weeks prior to the event. 
  • Funds may not be deposited in the organization account UNLESS funds are used to pay event expenses or reimbursements  
  • Student organizations are responsible for transferring funds directly to the outside organization. 
  • Questions on fundraising policies and procedures may be directed to Elsie Sheidler, Pace Center Senior Associate Director.

The above information is based on guidelines available here: is external)