Register Your Event

Are you a Pace Center student organization, program, service project or break trip planning an event? You've come to the right place! 

To receive support and publicity for your event, you'll need to register it with CLEVER. Submissions must be make at least two weeks in advance of the event date. This will give you adequate time to reserve space, order services, refreshments and/or supplies, and meet with Pace Center staff if need be.

Before beginning the event registration process, please be sure that you have met with your staff advisor to inform them about your event and receive approval to proceed.

  • For Pace Center student organizations the staff advisor is Elsie Sheidler.
  • For Student Volunteers Council (SVC) weekly service projects the staff advisor is Dave Brown.
  • For Community House weekly service projects the staff advisor is Charlotte Collins.

Please also be sure to be familiar with general University policy governing campus associations and activities, which can be found in Section 2.1.3 of Rights, Rules, Responsibilities. Other important policies and excerpts can be found at on our “Policies, Resources, and Additional Information” page.

If you are a student looking to create a new group, learn how to propose a new service group and the Pace Center will be in touch with next steps. 

Questions? Contact