Promotional Materials Guidelines

Looking to create an eye-catching flyer, poster or email graphic to promote your next big initiative? Use our quick Graphic Guidelines to get started.

Graphic Guidelines 

1. Pace Center for Civic Engagement Logo
It's important to include the Pace Center logo on your posters and flyers to reinforce how your program, service project or student organization is a part of the center and the service community at Princeton. Contact Communications Coordinator, Gwen McNamara, for use of the logo. When using the Pace Center logo, do not change the colors of the logo, rearrange letters, or separate the logo into different parts. Color, black and white, or white versions of the logo are available upon request. 

2. Program Logo
Each of the Pace Center's five main programs - Breakout Princeton, Community Action, Community House, Pace Council for Civic Values, and the Student Volunteers Council - have their own program logo. Programs must use both the Pace Center logo and their program logo. Color, black and white, or white versions are available upon request by contacting Communications Coordinator Gwen McNamara

3. Project or Student Organization Logos
Some of our service projects and student organizations have their own logos. If you do, that's great! Be sure to use your logo on your promotional materials in concert with the Pace Center logo. Want help designing a logo? We can help with that too! Contact Communications Coordinator Gwen McNamara.

3. Recognition Line
All programs, service projects and student organizations should include a short recognition line indicating that your opportunity is part of the Pace Center. Ex: SVC TigerTAILS is a Pace Center service project. 

4. Share with Your Staff Adviser BEFORE you Print!
Your Pace Center staff adviser and Communications Coordinator Gwen McNamara need to sign off on your promotional materials before they printed or produced. 

5. Need Help Designing Promotional Materials?
When you enter your event into the Pace Center Event Registration Form, be sure to indicate your design and promotion needs. If notice is received early enough (two weeks in advance at minimum recommended), we can help brainstorm design ideas or help produce posters, flyers, etc.