Tara Shawa

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Tara (Class of 2022) is from Princeton, NJ and plans on studying computer science.

As a first year student, she is involved with Princeton University Glee Club, Katzenjammers (a cappella group), and is a Community House After School Academy volunteer.

When asked why she wanted to be a CA Fellow, Tara said, "I wanted to be a CA fellow because I really enjoyed my CA experience, thus I wanted to help others have a great time as well. Additionally, I wanted to have a positive impact on the freshmen's first experience as a Princeton student, so I looked forward to being integral in welcoming new students, introducing them to the university community, and showing them the joys of service as well!"

Memorable CA moment as a first-year: "One memorable moment from my CA experience was working with my group to create a diagram of a sustainable city. We had a lot of really great ideas that utilized renewable energy, cut down on carbon emissions, and stressed environmental education. Creating the diagram was a lot of fun as well, and everyone contributed ideas that came together nicely."

Favorite space on campus: "My favorite spot on campus is Forbes' dining hall; in addition to the great food, the dining hall itself is a nice communal area with a bit of a homey feel for Forbesians. The doors are always open, even after dining hours, so I have spent many late nights studying in the dhall and catching up with friends."

Fun Fact: "Chocolate is my favorite flavor - I firmly believe adding it to any dessert makes it exponentially better. Chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream, chocolate doughnuts, chocolate covered fruit, and chocolate muffins are a few favorites."