Princeton RISE Fellow

"As an African American woman, these issues directly affect me and my community. I plan on advocating for the rights of minorities in my community as well as in the world. My passion for civic engagement has influenced me to pursue a legal career in which I can directly represent the overlooked and undervalued population in the United States. One day in my future, I would love to provide legal representation for wrongly convicted prisoners, poor prisoners without sufficient representation, and prisoners who have not been given a fair trial through the Equal Justice Initiative alongside Bryan Stevenson.

I hope to learn ways that I can positively impact the discussion of racial justice through advocacy and hands-on work. I would love to work with other people who are passionate about reforming long-standing systematically racist institutions within the country and abroad. I see myself contributing to the RISE peer community through my experiences as a young African-American woman who has faced racial injustice and has seen the way it has affected people in my community. Additionally, I have researched and have previously worked with organizations that address race-based inequalities, and I have led workshops on race discussions."

Partner Organization:

The Wilderness Society