Princeton RISE Fellow

"My passion for racial justice work is unique because of my equally unique upbringing in a homogenous environment of people of color. Growing up in a small, and typically unheard of, region in Central Jersey my city was isolated from most others because of our unique location, and very similar to Princeton, it formed a bubble around my community. In this very small, but densely populated area I've always been surrounded by others that look and speak like me. The majority of residents here are Spanish-speaking, and for the few that don't speak Spanish the majority are still non-white. My community has given me beautiful insight on a homogenous population and how people of color can be authentic and don't have a constant pressure to conform.

This summer I hope to learn more about children, and their experiences in communities that are not the same as mine; how do these children navigate their communities? What have they learned from their parents and other adults about conformity? Are they comfortable and do they feel the need to hide? I'm looking forward to helping young adults and the neighboring community, and let underrepresented youth know that they are being supported and that they are being rooted for."

Partner Organization:

Community House