Assistant Director, Student Engagement & Leadership
Office Phone
58 Prospect Avenue, Room 301


In our community, I support pathways to service and the training and leadership development of students and community members. From advising the Pace Center’s Student Activism and Advocacy organizations and the Civic Leadership Council; to coordinating wellness retreats and service conferences, I bring our campus and local communities together to prepare to create positive change and build committed relationships. My goal is to create spaces that enable others to convene, create joy, and subvert and supplant systems of oppression. You can come talk to me about community care, mental health and well-being; organizational leadership, facilitating workshops and retreats, and pop culture and social justice to name a few topics. 


I am a Jersey girl, a baker, a sci-fi enthusiast, and a mental health advocate. I’m from Somerset, NJ, just up the road from Princeton. I have a master’s degree in Higher Education and Organizational Leadership from the University of San Diego and a bachelor’s degree in History from Rutgers University. I rep my alma maters proudly and just returned to Rutgers to get my PhD in Community Development and Public Affairs. Prior to coming to Princeton I worked in the Mulvaney Center for Community, Awareness and Social Action at The University of San Diego. I work in community engagement because there is so much power in collectives to create and sustain radical positive change. This commitment to change keeps me invested in the building, growth, and impact of community organizations and institutions through ethical community engagement. Fun facts are that I have been building a pillow fort in my office since I started at Princeton and have been a panelist at San Diego Comic Con multiple times.

Come Talk to Me About

  • Community Care 
  • Leadership Development
  • Building equitable relationships
  • Mental Health and Well-being 
  • Organizational Leadership 
  • Facilitating workshops and retreats 
  • Pop Culture and Social Justice
  • Science Fiction
  • Baking

What I’m Reading 

I am currently reading The Art of Gathering by Priya Parker. It is a book that delves into how to bring people together in ways that are truly engaging, meaningful, and human centered. I hope to incorporate what I learn from this book into the work I do with the workshops, meetings, reflections, and community spaces that I lead and take part in.

Favorite Community Spot

My office is on the third floor of the Carl A Fields Center, in Community House. I love this building for the amazing people who work in it but also the environment it creates. It is colorful, comfortable, and engaging. There are always great events happening whether it is interesting speakers, community dinners, or tutoring sessions with local youth. A newer community spot I recommend is Tipple & Rose on Nassau St. It is a Black, Woman, and Queer owned tea parlor and apothecary. They have all sorts of great goodies and gifts, tea rooms, and great menu items.