Assistant Director, Student Engagement & Leadership
Office Phone
58 Prospect Avenue, Room 301


My job as a program coordinator is to be a guide to others and to cultivate community and radical connection through engagement opportunities. Programs like Breakout Princeton, Breakout Local, and Month of Service offer the campus community the chance to dive deep into community culture, tackle issues that affect us all, and build lasting relationships that allow us to give back intentionally and authentically.

My goals for this year are to deepen relationships. That includes my own with the campus and community; the connections between students, faculty, and staff with community partners locally and nationally; and how we elevate and broadcast the collaborations that exemplify what the Pace Center values.


Before coming to the Pace Center I worked at the University of San Diego in Community Engagement. I have also worked as an Organizational Counselor/Consultant and conference speaker. I have a bachelor's degree in history from Rutgers University and a master’s degree in higher education leadership from the University of San Diego. 

I’ve always loved education. I’ve had so many amazing experiences with teachers, mentors, and advisors. They influenced me to pursue my degrees in history and higher education in order to better give back to the communities that gave to me. I work in community engagement because there is so much power in a collective to create and sustain change. 

Fun Fact

I am building a pillow fort in my office. I have been a panelist at San Diego Comic Con multiple times. I love karaoke and all kinds of desserts. 

Areas of Expertise

  • Connecting and collaborating with community partners 
  • One-time service experiences
  • Community-engaged immersion trips
  • Graduate student service experiences
  • Trainings and workshops on equitable engagement, allyship, and variety of social justice topics