Emily Pérez

CA Fellow
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Emily (Class of '23) is from Chattanooga, TN and plans on studying comparative literature. She is currently involved in Nassau Literary Review, Mental Health Initiative, and Princeton Christian Fellowship.

Memory from CA experience:  I was on the "Interfaith/Multifaith" CA trip, and the best part was definitely the conversations we had on the bus ride back. At that point, the group had already gotten to know each other pretty well, and we were open to asking and answering difficult questions about the different faith traditions represented on the bus. Coming from a very homogenous area, it was very exciting to get a glimpse of all the opportunities I would have to learn more about different religions and cultures while on campus. These types of conversations have continued throughout my first year at Princeton, and I've gained a much more complex understanding of faith, and learned an incredible amount outside of my classes.

Reason for being a CA Fellow:  There were a lot of reasons, but mainly, I wanted to be involved in what I believe to be an important part of the orientation experience. Being a freshman is terrifying, especially if you haven't been far from your family before, or if you're entering a competitive academic setting for the first time. My CA trip taught me that Princeton students weren't so scary after all, and helped me feel more at home in an environment that was very different from home. I also realize that it's far too easy to stay inside the "Orange Bubble," and was interested in exploring the various opportunities for community engagement in the New Jersey area, and exposing first-year students to those opportunities as well.

Favorite spot on campus:  I pretty much live in the Murray-Dodge cafe. Free cookies, free tea... what's not to love?

Fun Fact:  Maybe counterintuitively for a CA fellow, I really love to hike. Last summer, I hiked a 14er (14,000 foot mountain) in Colorado, which continues to be one of the greatest days of my life. Unfortunately, it was Mt. Yale, but we don't have to talk about that part.