Princeton RISE Fellow

"I believe that any modern day social issue must be approached with race in mind due to the complex, enduring history of racial prejudice in this country and around the world. Racial justice is key to understanding both person-to-person relations and macro-level discrimination. My strong interest in current political affairs has led me to recognize the relevance of race in policies concerning health, housing, environment, education, and voter rights. 

During the RISE fellowship experience, I aspire to discover new methods of implementing diversity in education, extracurriculars, and the workforce. I also hope to learn strategies to advocate for civil rights through grassroots movements and structural reform. Finally, I hope to garner new skills regarding restorative justice in childhood education through my individual internship experience. I look forward to the opportunity to pursue solutions to these highly consequential issues, learn from peer fellows working in other sectors, and make a difference in my local community."

Partner Organization:

Princeton Public Schools