Princeton RISE Fellow

"My passion for racial justice comes largely from my own experiences an Asian woman. As an Asian woman, I was made aware of the painful realities of racism from a young age—being told to go back to China, worrying about my family’s immigration papers. With today’s rise in anti-Asian hate crimes, I even fear my grandma might be attacked on her daily walks. I also notice the pain that racism causes other minority communities around me. For example, in Central NJ, where I grew up, residential segregation creates wealth disparities and uneven outcomes for Black and Latinx folks. Thus, I’m passionate about creating a world in which BIPOC communities like mine can feel safe and thrive.

I feel that HomeWorks will allow me to help support the marginalized communities who are affected by such aforementioned segregation in my home county. Through this fellowship, I hope to learn how to work directly with community partners to help communities of color at the local level. I also hope to learn how to work in a nonprofit startup and what it takes to run one. I am also looking forward to engaging with other RISE fellows this summer."

Partner Organization: