Pace Center Partners

At the Pace Center, we aim to make learning from service more intentional, to foster inclusivity in service, to be a resource to campus, and develop purposeful community partnerships. Such partnerships are guided by a set of core principles, based on best practices in the field and developed in collaboration with our partners in the community. When we connect with others in a meaningful way we begin to understand community need, to listen to our community, learn from our community and serve with our community. We believe that at its heart, service is a powerful exchange where we have as much to learn as we have to give. Partners – in the community and on campus – are an integral part of what makes service meaningful for Princeton students and our community around us.

In communities in Princeton, Trenton and beyond, our students engage in a variety of service experiences including:

  • Advocacy and Activism: Through student organizations the Pace Center supports students who take on advocacy, activism, social justice and community building around a wide array of societal issues.

  • Sustained Volunteering: Through the Student Volunteers Council and Community House, the Pace Center coordinates opportunities for regular engagement and supports students volunteering with the local community.

  • Issue-based Immersion: Through Breakout Princeton, the International Service Trip, and Community Action, the Pace Center supports students living, learning, and engaging in issues with communities during the start of their Princeton experience at Orientation and throughout their time here during breaks.

  • Internships and Fellowships: The Pace Center supports students exploring service and civic engagement in greater depth over the summer and learning to use service as a guiding lens for their academic work and careers through a variety of internship and fellowship programs.

  • Training and Development: As part of a growing learning curriculum, the Pace Center prepares students before they engage in service, offers leadership development for students and instills embedded reflection during and after service experiences.


“Service is an attitude. It is a way of moving, observing, acting in the world in which one is responsible for not only their own liberties, rights, justice but for those of the collective whole. … Service is that attitude or outlook that seeks always to deepen relationships - and only from these relationships can true acts of service and justice follow.” — Emma Coley '20

“I firmly believe that if you engage in service with a love of people you come to realize that service is a reciprocal, not a one-way, relationship, and that the best way to work with a community is to learn from the people within it with an open and curious mind, and try to help them leverage the incredible strengths they already have.” — Ari Satok ‘14


“With our organization the students have a huge impact on the community. … The students come with humble attitudes, ready to learn from community leaders and we get to learn from them through their fresh eyes and probing questions.” — Rev. Karen Hernandez-Granzen, Westminster Community Life Center, Trenton, NJ

“Thank you for being one of the best sources of volunteers BBBS Mercer has the honor of working with. We highly value Princeton students and look forward to another successful academic year.” — Prema Ramroop, Director of School-based Programs, Big Brother Big Sister of Mercer County