Thursday, Apr 30, 2020
by Benjamin Gelman ’22, Pace Center Student Correspondent

“The biggest thing that's been different is trying to figure out how we can stay as safe as possible so we can continue providing this service,” said Ares Alvisatos ’21, speaking about the new safety measures that Princeton First Aid and Rescue Squad has had to take since the beginning of the...

Wednesday, Apr 29, 2020
by Jamie Saxon, Office of Communications

This article originally appeared on the Princeton University homepage. 

Wednesday, Apr 22, 2020
by Benjamin Gelman ’22, Pace Center Student Correspondent

Author David Daley has spent years raising the alarm about partisan gerrymandering and its threat to democracy. In his first book, he explored how high level Republican operatives sought to use the U.S. redistricting process to advantage their party in state and federal elections.

Tuesday, Apr 14, 2020
by Benjamin Gelman ’22, Pace Center Student Correspondent

Katie Fahey never thought her Facebook post would ignite a political movement. However, her post in 2016 about how she wanted to take on gerrymandering in her home state of Michigan began a successful movement to create a ballot initiative to establish a nonpartisan, independent redistricting commission.

Tuesday, Apr 7, 2020
by Benjamin Gelman ’22 Pace Center Student Correspondent

“In what year did Trenton get its current name?”

“John F. Dryden founded the Prudential Insurance Company in Newark in what year?” 

“True or False: The first reading of the Declaration of Independence was in Princeton.”

Friday, Apr 3, 2020
by Benjamin Gelman ’22, Pace Center Student Correspondent

“Platforms have a responsibility not to undermine our democracy,” said Ellen Weintraub, commissioner with the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

Monday, Mar 23, 2020

Why I Serve is going virtual. As members of our campus community have shifted to virtual learning and engagement, our Q&A series will highlight the projects and contributions of the Princeton community, including faculty, students, and staff, that are engaging with service in virtual ways.

Wednesday, Mar 11, 2020
To date all in-person programming has been suspended through the balance of the spring semester and we continue to monitor what this means for summer internships. In the coming days and weeks, we will pull together a number of resources and opportunities for virtual community engagement.
Wednesday, Feb 26, 2020
by Emily Eyestone

“I’ve literally been playing all morning,” remarks Emily Aronson, campus life writer in Princeton University’s Office of Communications. Seated at a tiny craft table in a classroom that has just been emptied of toddlers who had been shepherded outside for recess, Aronson finally has a moment to catch her breath.

Wednesday, Feb 19, 2020
by Benjamin Gelman ’22, Pace Center Student Correspondent

“Chances are if something wrong is happening to one person, it’s happening to others in the same environment,” said Mark Hopkins, an activist and organizer speaking at one of three Grassroot Organizing 101 workshops held this past fall.