Stories of Service: Through the Lens of My Camera

Wednesday, Nov 12, 2014
by Christie Jiang '17

Using her video camera, Christie Jiang '17 worked over the summer with Isles Inc. in Trenton NJ to help the nonprofit organization tell its story through a Princeton Internships in Civic Service (PICS) internship. Now she turns the camera around to share what that experience was like and how it opened her eyes to what lies at the heart of meaningful service.

"I learned that caring about a place and its people and serving them meant sticking with them even when progress seemed far away or even impossible. But it pays off. I saw it for myself, in the eyes of the Rollings, of the youth institute graduates, of first-time homeowners, gardeners, and of the smart, loving people at Isles too. Thanks to Isles and PICS, and the Princeton Area Alumni Association which made this all possible, I was able to see through the lens of my camera the love that is the root of effective service." 

Watch Christie's video.