Sharing Gratitude

Thursday, Dec 7, 2017

The John C. Bogle '51 Fellows in Civic Service program encourages Princeton University first-year students to design their own service- or civic engagement-related summer internship and connect those experiences to their academic work and career interests back on campus throughout the sophomore year. This fall, the 2017 class of Bogle Fellows shared their experiences, learnings, and gratitude with John C. Bogle '51 (the alumnus for which the program is named) and his wife Eve Sherrerd Bogle. Below is a collection of photos and quotes from the luncheon on November 17, 2017. 


2017 Bogle Fellows with John C. Bogle '51 and wife Eve.

The 2017 John C. Bogle '51 Fellows in Civic Service with Jack Bogle '51 and wife Eve Sherrerd Bogle.


"I owe so much to Princeton. This environment, the whole aura of Princeton, there's nothing like it. It's of course changed a lot since I was here, but I look at all of you and I'm so impressed. Never give up your idealism. Never, never, never." - Jack Bogle '51


John C. Bogle '51 and wife Eve

Jack Bogle '51 encourages students to continue to ignite their passions for learning and service at Princeton and beyond.


"Reflection taught me more than all the experiences I had over the summer. Without reflection I wouldn't have learned that I am drawn to be with people, that I might not want to go into the medical field, that being a chemistry major and working in a lab might not be what I really want to do. The Bogle Fellowship is so much more than just the internship. It's about reflection and the year-long process that we are a part of. That's what makes this so enriching." - Moses Im '20, 2017 Bogle Fellow


Pace Center Executive Director Kimberly de los Santos and 2017 Bogle Fellows

Kimberly de los Santos, the John C. Bogle '51 and Burton G. Malkiel *64 Executive Director of the Pace Center for Civic Engagement, with the 2017 Bogle Fellows. 


"The Bogle Fellowship changed how I am at Princeton. I now look to get more involved in service and have a wider definition of what this means in the STEM field. I see how the two intersect. I plan on taking classes that explore different issues and want to understand how to use new technology to really make a difference." - Ryan Gao '20, 2017 Bogle Fellow


Ryan Gao '20

Ryan Gao '20 shares about his experience as a Bogle Fellow.


"I felt called to work in Washington D.C. and can say I had a pretty idealistic vision of what our political system was like. ... Over the next four years I now feel a need to convince people that the government is theirs. You rule over it. You are the one it is serving. You are the boss. We need to re-imagine what politics is and the critical role that we play." - Hanuel Ryoo '20, 2017 Bogle Fellow