Pace Center Launches New Service Leadership Course

Monday, Jul 13, 2020
by Gwen McNamara, Communications Specialist

Looking to build your knowledge and skills to be a leader in service? The John H. Pace, Jr.' 39 Center for Civic Engagement has launched a new online Service Leadership Course for undergraduate and graduate students at Princeton University who are engaging in remote summer opportunities, or simply want to become more effective leaders for positive change.  

Building upon the Pace Center's training and learning curriculum, the Service Leadership Course is designed to provide online training for future civic leaders. Through this co-curricular experience, undergraduate and graduate students can build their knowledge and develop practical skills that will equip them with the tools and resources necessary to make a positive impact in their communities. 

"At the Pace Center we believe that being of service means we are perpetual learners, committing time to understand the issues that matter most to us, working to ensure we are well prepared for the role we will play in communities, and creating space to process the impact our experience has on those we serve and ourselves," said Elsie Sheidler, senior associate director at the Pace Center. "This summer, we hope this course offers a starting point for students to deepen their understanding of service as a social responsibility, and inspire students to create systemic change in order to build an equitable and just world."

The Service Leadership Course includes four themed series:

  • Civic Engagement
  • Communications for Advocacy
  • Partnership
  • Professional Development

Each series was curated by Pace Center staff, often in collaboration with campus and community partners, and aims to help students build core skills and knowledge to support and expand their proficiency in service and civic engagement. The four series can be taken in any order and at the students' own pace. Students who complete any of the four series, or the entire Service Leadership Course, can receive a Certificate of Completion

In the Civic Engagement series students can learn about the basic foundations of civic engagement, identify ways of understanding power and leadership, explore the varied ways of creating social change, and get introduced to campus engagement. The Communications for Advocacy series introduces students to communications strategy, persuasive writing, using story for change and oral history. With the Partnership series, students are introduced to the Pace Center's Partnership Principles, and gain tips for partnering successfully and learn about pitfalls to avoid. In the Professional Development series students can explore their values, develop a plan for assessing their own learning, understand how to manage relationships with supervisors, and develop a toolkit for conflict resolution.

The Service Leadership Course is currently open to Princeton University undergraduate and graduate students for the summer of 2020. Interested students can access the course through Canvas using their Princeton University netID.