Learning from Service

Thursday, Aug 3, 2017

Service is part of the Princeton student experience. At the Pace Center for Civic Engagement we help students learn to do service well and have a positive impact in the community. We support sustained volunteering, community immersion, student advocacy and activism, summer internships and post-graduate fellowships. Students learn to be well-prepared, to be intentional about the work they do, and to reflect thoughtfully about the service they engage in.

We are grounded in this work by four core values. We believe in engaged discovery, community focus, impactful programs and student leadership. We believe that service is most powerful when viewed less as an activity or a box to check, and more as a guiding lens to shape decision-making and pursue a meaningful life. Together with campus and community, we help students discover who they are, why they serve, and how to engage today and beyond.

Learn more about how Pace approaches learning by looking over our training materials.