Join a Pace Center Student Board

Friday, Oct 27, 2017
by Gwen McNamara, Communications Coordinator

Take a Leadership Role in Service. Apply NOW to join a Pace Board! 

Breakout Princeton, Community House, Pace Council for Civic Values (PCCV), and Student Volunteers Council (SVC) are now accepting new member applications for their executive boards!

Online applications are due Sunday, November 19, at 11:59 PM.

Who We Are and What We Do

The Breakout Princeton Board (BPB) supports the Breakout Princeton program. Breakout Princeton is a student-driven program that gives students the opportunity to travel and spend their spring and fall breaks engaging with social issues. Students return to campus ready to continue their engagement with the campus and local community.  

Community House Executive Board (CHEB) supports the 14 student-driven youth and family development projects within Community House, each of which work with families to close the opportunity gap in Princeton by supporting underrepresented area youth through innovative programming that focuses on providing tools for academic success and enhancing social-emotional literacy.

The Pace Council for Civic Values (PCCV) aims to inspire Princeton students to participate in and connect them to meaningful civic engagement opportunities through peer service advising and events that foster dialogue around civic engagement in order to promote an ethos of service on campus. 

The Students Volunteers Council Executive Board (SVC) supports impactful service organizations, and empowers the student leaders and volunteers of over 30 regular volunteering projects such as imPACT tutoring, MoneyThink, and Best Buddies.

If you have any questions or comments for one of the boards feel free to email us:
BPB - Hanna Endale or Irma Qavolli  
CHEB - Myesha Jemison or Jordan Thomas  
PCCV - Emma Coley  or Charlotte Champ  
SVC - Anagha Prasanna or Nitasha Siddique  

Or for general issues with the form:
Email: Pace Center Assistant Director Dave Brown