Bogle Fellows Prepare to Serve Around the World

Thursday, May 16, 2019
by Malka Himelhoch '21

The Pace Center for Civic Engagement is pleased to announce the 2019 Bogle Fellows. Each of the 25 first-year students will work on a service related project or internship over the summer. The fellows will be located across the world pursuing their particular service passions from environmental justice to research about pediatric eating disorders. 

The John C. Bogle '51 Fellows in Civic Service program was established in 2016 by John C. Bogle Jr. and his wife, Lynn Bogle, in honor of John’s father, John C. Bogle '51, founder and chief executive of The Vanguard Group and one of the first supporters of the Pace Center.

The Bogle Fellows program, now in its fourth year, was founded to encourage students to pursue service related projects and internships the summer after their first year at Princeton. In past years, students have created documentary films in Dallas, Texas, interned for senators in Washington, D.C., and conducted research projects on the affect of race and class on high school education in New York City. Upon their return to campus, fellows meet throughout the year to reflect on how their service experience is related to their academic work or career interests.

2019 Bogle Fellows Orientation

The 2019 Bogle Fellows gather to get ready for their summer service experiences. Photo by: Jessica Zhou '19

Historically Bogle Fellows have been restricted to internships and projects within the United States. But this summer, for the first time, four international Bogle Fellows will have the opportunity to return home and work on service projects in their local communities.

One such student, Tamica Perrera, of Sri Lanka, will be interning at Holy Cross Children’s Home in Marawila. She will be teaching English and math, and leading workshops on self-love, personal hygiene, and self-care. For Perrera, the opportunity to return home for the summer and give back to her community is incredibly meaningful.

"Getting the resources to help those in my community--help my island that has been rattled by unbelievable violence--means more to me than I can express,” she said. “I feel helpless, we all do. Service and aid, that's all we can do, and the only reason I can do it is because of Bogle."

Prior to leaving for the summer Bogle Fellows participate in workshops and trainings to prepare them for their service project or internship. Throughout the summer, students will have the opportunity to reflect with both Kira O’Brien, who oversees the Bogle Fellows program, and other fellows in periodic cohort meetings. Upon return to campus in the fall, each fellow will reflect upon their experience and determine how best to engage and continue to pursue both their service interest and their academic work.

“The students in this year’s cohort are working on amazing projects,” O'Brien said. “ I’m so excited to see what they accomplish over the summer and the way that they continue that momentum when they return to campus in the fall.”

Learn more about the 2019 Bogle Fellows by reading their online profiles.  

2019 Bogle Fellows

The 2019 John C. Bogle '51 Fellows in Civic Service. Photo by: Jessica Zhou '19