Oct. 26, 2023

Interested in a funded internship that is personally meaningful and addresses a real need either locally, nationally or across the globe?

Every Princeton undergraduate has the opportunity to participate in a funded social impactor service internship over the summer through the Learning and Education through Service (LENS) initiative. 

Internships give Princeton students an opportunity to explore, to grow and to learn more about their own interests and how they can make a responsible impact in the world. LENS helps students to identify internships that connect their academics with meaningful hands-on experience. Students can find internships that provide practical experience for a wide range of interests including arts and design, data science, health, criminal justice, media, public service, technology, law, research, advocacy and many more. 

Princeton provides hundreds of paid internships every summer. LENS makes it easy for you to find these opportunities, their application processes and funding. 

Visit the LENS website to: 

  • Explore funded service and social impact internships and grants offered by Princeton 
  • Learn how to find resources to support your search
  • See how Princeton peers have benefited from LENS

LENS is jointly coordinated by the Center for Career Development and the Pace Center for Civic Engagement. The summer opportunities that make up LENS come from multiple departments across campus. Programs participating in LENS include:

Reflections from students who participated in LENS internships

Student smiling portrait


"This internship has given me a changed perspective that I am excited to return to academic settings with. I am also excited to continue to explore how the law can be used to maximize people's lives."

- Makenna Marshall '26. Program: SSII; Internship: Immigration Legal Intern, Baker Ripley





"I am confident in my ability to actually make a change in the world at such a young age because of the fact that this internship allowed me to really grow and experience life outside of Princeton and the United States."

- Bella Moscoe '24. Program: Internships in Global Health Internship: Western Cape Ministry of Health





"This internship opportunity at the New Jersey Quality Institute will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on my remaining time at PrincetonUniversity. Through my work on the midwifery project and my exposure to racial injustice research, I have gained valuable insights into community-building and the role each individual plays.”

- Edouard Kwizera '26. Program: RISE; Internship: Research Assistant, New Jersey Healthcare Quality Institute





"This opportunity demonstrated to me the diversity and depth of economic research that is used to inform policy. I am currently exploring my options for post-grad, and this opportunity has pushed me to consider paths that Idid not previously know existed."

- Sydney Eck '24 Program: The Scholars in the Nation's Service Initiative (SINSI); Internship Internship: Federal Reserve Board of Governors (FRB) in the Office of the Chief Operating Officer