April 3, 2023

All April long, Princeton Student Climate Initiative (PSCI), a Pace Center student advocacy and activism organization, is hosting a series of environmental volunteering opportunities. The Princeton University community can sign up via my.princeton.edu

Date Specific Opportunities

Stream Cleanup for Earth Day

Join Princeton Student Climate Initiative, the Watershed Institute, and the Environmental Commission in the municipality of Princeton from 9 to 11 a.m. on April 22 to clean up streams in the Princeton area. Volunteers are asked to bring their on water bottle and are advised to wear long pants and closed-toe shoes. Transportation will be provided. 

Ongoing Opportunities

For each of the following volunteering opportunities, log into my.princeton.edu to sign up for specific dates and times. 

StreamWatch Monitor

Join the Watershed Institute, an environmental nonprofit in Hopewell, NJ, to join their stream monitoring team. Learn how the Chemical Action Team and Biological Action Team test for basic water quality by collecting samples in the field and analyzing them in the lab. 

Community Watershed Advocacy Program (CWAP)

The Community Watershed Advocate Program educates people interested in learning more about how best to advocate for their water resources. Organized by the Watershed Institute, training includes knowledge on environmental justice, water quality, environmental policy, and more. 

Create Exhibits for the Pocono Environmental Education Center

The Pocono Environmental Education Center is working to build new exhibits for its recreation and education center in Dingmans Ferry, PA. Volunteers will help brainstorm, design, and construct exhibits. Planning and design will take place remotely, with a possibility for in-person activities.

Food and Water Watch: Join Empower NJ

Empower NJ is a coalition of New Jersey environmental organizations and is looking for more youth activists to provide perspective and help with rallies and events. Empower NJ is working to fight climate change in New Jersey by advocating for policies that facilitate a rapid and just transition off fossil fuels toward 100% clean energy.

Join UNESCO's Green Citizen Project

UNESCO Green Citizens has identified multiple local and international actors who are developing innovative, impactful and replicable solutions across five key themes for the fight against global warming and to preserve the environment: ocean, hydrology, biodiversity, education for sustainable development, and indigenous knowledge. Volunteers can connect with organization to provide virtual support.