Feb. 15, 2023
People standing atop collaped building rubble after an earthquake in Syria
Photo by: Mohammed Soufy


What has happened: 

On February 6, 2023, a 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck Turkey and Syria. Entire communities have been affected terribly by the disaster and humanitarian relief efforts are ongoing. The emergency aid and recovery effort needed is extensive and long-term. Organizations local to Turkey and Syria, in addition to international groups, have been mobilized to respond in a variety of ways from rescue work, healthcare clinics, fundraising, temporary shelters, and more. Student-led efforts quickly mobilized on campus to provide assistance to the much-needed aid response.

How you can help:

Turkish and Syrian community members are using the organizations listed below to donate to relief groups that are providing resources and aid on the ground. The list is organized alphabetically. Reach out to Geralyn Williams, Assistant Director, Student Engagement & Leadership at the Pace Center, for questions pertaining to International Bank Account Number (IBAN) for organizations and other information.

  • Ahbap is an NGO in Türkiye helping to provide disaster relief and recovery aid. Donate here. *Note: The Princeton Turkish Students Association is working to collect donations for this organization.
  • AKUT is a Türkiye-based NGO involved in searching, assisting and rescuing all who require aid within its authority and means, in mountain or other nature-related accidents, natural disasters and all other emergency conditions. Donate here.
  • Bridge to Türkiye Fund is providing assistance with food, warmth, mobile toilets, hygiene needs, and more. Donate here.
  • Diyarbakir Bar Association is a Turkish legal organization. Donate here.
  • Doctors Without Borders has been able to respond quickly to the earthquake in northwest Syria with medical care due their presence already in the region. Donate here.  
  • Islamic Relief is a faith-inspired humanitarian and development agency working to save and transform the lives of some of the world’s most vulnerable people. Teams are on the ground right now responding to the disaster in both Türkiye and Syria. Donate here.
  • Istanbul Medical Chamber is looking to purchase a residential container and medical supplies for healthcare professionals from local medical chambers working in the earthquake zone. Donate here.
  • Molham Team is an organization created by Syrian university students to secure necessities, such as food, shelter, and medication to Syrians in need. Donate here.
  • Oxfam is a UK-based poverty organization that is partnering with other organizations of the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) to support those affected by the earthquakes in Syria and Turkey. Donate here.
  • Global Red Cross and Red Crescent networks have deployed rescue teams in Türkiye and Syria. Donate here.
  • Research Institute On Turkey is an NY-based organization raising funds that will be disseminated to Ahbap and other NGOs. Donate here
  • Support to Life (STL) Hayata Destek Dernegi is a humanitarian crisis response organization focusing on emergency relief and rebuilding. Donate here.
  • Syria Relief is a UK-based organization that has worked to provide humanitarian aid in Syria and neighboring countries since 2011 through emergency aid and long-term projects like schools, clinics, and livelihood projects. Donate here
  • Syrian American Medical Society has provided emergency care for more than 1,940 earthquake victims. Donate here.
  • Turkey Mozaik Foundation, a grant-giving organization providing financial support to innovative civil society organizations is providing emergency relief. Is registered in the U.K. Donate here.
  • ZAKAT Foundation of America is a US based Muslim run organization that supports helping victims of disaster and violent conflict, as well as many other community support projects. Their emergency relief team is on the ground. Donate here

Support student organization-led efforts:

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