Written by
Gianna Melchionda '24, Digital Communications Associate
Dec. 16, 2022

Without the overwhelming nature of everyday life at Princeton, breaks can be a great chance to take a step back and reflect on yourself: your goals, ambitions, social surroundings, and more. Thinking about these things can help us to better understand where we currently are and where we want to go.

Make winter break meaningful and rejuvenating

Winter break takes us out of 2022 and into the new year. What do we want to do in 2023? Who do we want to be, what do we want to learn, grow, develop, strengthen? Asking ourselves questions like these can help us to enter 2023 with clear priorities to guide and reassure us moving forward.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • How do you feel right now?
  • What makes you laugh or smile?
  • What questions do you hope to explore about yourself or your community?

Reduce the stress around internship deadlines

Internship applications can create anticipation and uncertainty, which can breed anxiety. To approach application season with excitement rather than worry, the Pace Center is here to help. The Pace Center offers a range of internships across a wide variety of experiences, interests, and opportunities. 

Questions to ask yourself:

  • What are you excited about doing next summer?
  • How do your summer aspirations fit in with your values?
  • What might be the best fit for you?

Things you can try to combat stress and anxiety around internships:

  • Take time away from the screen and write some ideas for your internship application by hand.
  • Be patient and maintain calm, there are many opportunities available and the Pace Center's Jan. 9 deadline is only a first round.

Turning uncertainty into excitement

The holidays and new year are meant to be a time of relaxation and recharging. Reflection can help you frame and navigate this time, and prepare for the year ahead. The Field Guide to Service offers ways to explore how to pause, assess, connect and express, where values intersect, and how to build your own reflection tool.

Some ideas for reflection include:

  • Talk it out with a friend
  • Record your thoughts and feelings
  • Journal
  • Free associate - jot down words, thoughts, and feelings
  • Get creative - draw, build, dance, play music, write, sing
  • The options are endless!

Additional Resources

Looking for additional ways to rest, relax, and reflect over winter break (or any time)? Here are some extra resources: