We appreciate your interest in proposing a new group.

Applications for new groups are closed for the 23-24 academic year. The application will open again in late summer.  

If you would like to have an initial discussion about the proposal process please contact Assistant Director Geralyn Williams at [email protected].

At Princeton, we think about service in its broadest, most multifaceted sense. Service can mean engaging in activities connected to a larger purpose that aim to make a positive impact on society. Service can mean responding to injustice or inequality, tackling issues related to health, poverty, criminal justice, education, the environment or social responsibility, for example, through a variety of pathways, such as policy, advocacy, research, volunteering, or community activism.

With this broad definition of service in mind, we invite students to propose an idea for a new service group. We can help motivated students hone their leadership skills, move their ideas into action and make a positive impact on a social issue and/or community. The Pace Center supports the exploration and development process of your new service group idea with the New Service Group Proposal form.

The proposal process:

  1. Reach out to a staff member who is part of the Sustained Community Engagement Team to have an initial conversation about your idea and the proposal process.
  2. Do your research about the social issues, communities, and type of service you are interested in. Look into potential community partners if you don't have one yet. Look into what is already happening in our local area and what experts and community members are doing that you could be a part of. The Pace Center Partnership Principles and our Field Guide to Service are helpful resources for this process.
  3. Use your research to draft your proposal and submit it. Follow up with the staff member who advised you.
  4. New project proposals are reviewed on a continuous basis throughout the academic year with an average frequency of every two weeks.
  5. After the proposal has been reviewed staff members will connect with you for next steps. Potential next steps may include:
    • Further revision and research for your proposal.
    • Connection to existing Pace Center projects or groups that align with your ideas.
    • Outreach to potential community partners.
    • Connections to other departments, centers, or resources on campus.
  6. If after the needed next steps have been completed and  your proposal is deemed viable by Pace Center staff you'll be connected with the appropriate advisors and resources to become an established group within the center.

Please carefully read and review the information in this form before completing and submitting it. If you have any questions after your review of the form, email Geralyn Williams at [email protected].