The Pace Center has created these online training courses for civic engagement and service learning based on our four core workshops to offer a flexible and accessible platform for students, staff, and partners to develop essential skills and knowledge to work with and learn from community. These courses aim to empower participants by providing them with the tools to effectively engage in community service, understand social issues, and contribute to positive change and community solutions. In our continuing efforts to do service well, short quizzes have been add to assist us in tracking engagement, concept comprehension, retaining best practices, and offering reflective experiences. If you are using this platform to complete any required trainings, please be sure to take the necessary quizzes connected with your training.

Working with Minors: Online Training

Designed for those who volunteer with projects that work with minors, this mandatory training session will include an overview of the new university policy, interactive activities, best practices for working with minors, a review of Pace Center emergency response protocols and more!

Follow this 49-minute tutorial by Daniel Alber, Pace Center Graduate Student Associate, who works primarily with K-12 youth outreach programming through Community House, as he discusses the University policies, FAQs, and more. Please complete this short quiz after watching the Working with Minors Training!

Volunteer 101: Online Training

Designed for those who are beginning a new service opportunity, this training will equip participants with the knowledge and skills they need to have a powerful and impactful service experience. Through conversation and interactive activities, offered by Jeanna Raphael '26 a Pace Center Sustained Community Engagement Fellow, workshop participants will explore what motivates them to serve and how to do service well.

Topics included in this module are: identifying values and motivations, designing an impactful experience, effective communication, challenging assumptions and navigating ethical concerns that can arise during the service experience. Participants will leave the training feeling not only prepared to served, but empowered to serve well. Please complete this quick quiz after watching the Volunteer 101 Trainings Recording!

Entering The Community

Service and Civic Engagement work brings with it a heightened excitement to tackle hard problems, develop solutions, help others and have a positive impact.  More often than not, we are doing this work in communities that are not our own and it is important to remember that entering these communities is a privilege not a right.  Being welcomed in to community is an act of trust, one we should honor and respect. Our work is to support, not to supplant.

Entering The Community introduce participants to the idea that connecting with new community is something that requires critical thinking, care, and compassion. Guided by Pace Center Graduate Fellow Daniel Alber, participants will be exploring critical questions as well as learning skills and best practices for leaders and volunteers to utilize to effectively navigate entering the community. Please complete this short quiz after watching the Entering The Community Video Training!

Allyship Through Service

Working in and with communities, especially ones where we don't all have the same lived experiences and identities requires us to do personal work to understand our own identities and to understand how those identities interact with our partners. Doing service well requires that we be active allies, advocates, and/or accomplices in order to use solidarity to effect change.

This session, facilitated by Pace Center Assistant Director for Student Engagement & Leadership Geralyn Williams, will help you articulate your definition of allyship and accomplice-ship. You'll be able to name your power and privilege in our local communities, as well as practice and model good allyship and accomplice-ship. Please complete this short quiz after watching the Allyship Through Service training video!