Sometimes an essential component of doing good work is knowing that you cannot do it alone. Acts of service and civic engagement are only made stronger when folks come together, combine their assets and work towards a common vision.


The last step before you begin your service work is to develop your plan and identify those who will be working with you. It is important to pull all of the great pre-work you have done together so that you can reference it during and after your work.

Who will be involved in this project and what will their role be? 


The Work 

What will your work look like? What will actually be done? 


When and where will the work take place? 


What resources will you use and where will they come from? 

Success Factors and Potential Obstacles 

  • Success Factors - What things must you have in order to be successful? 
  • Potential Obstacles - What things might arise while doing your work?