Use Campus Space

Until further notice: Following the Pace Center for Civic Engagement’s Fall 2020 General Principles and in support of the Princeton University Social Contract for students,  the use of on-campus space assigned to the Pace Center which includes the second floor of the Frist Campus Center and the third floor of 58 Prospect are closed and not available for students to use. 

Questions?  Please contact Elsie Sheidler or your Pace Center staff adviser. 

Future updates: The information presented here will be updated and changed, as is necessary, based on the determination and evaluation of guidelines provided by University leadership in consideration of federal, state, and local public health guidance and mandates.


No visitors are permitted to use the on-campus space assigned to the Pace Center, according to University policy. Visitors include:

  •  Undergraduates living locally who have not been invited to return to campus this fall
  • Volunteers
  • Alumni
  • Prospective hires
  • Retirees

Campus Space

As per the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students (ODUS) guidelines issued on July 15, 2020,  all ODUS designated student organization facilities will be closed and not accessible to students for fall 2020. Prox access to these facilities will remain inactive for the fall 2020 term. The list below identifies the facilities not available for student access and use and does not represent an exhaustive list. Contact your staff adviser with questions about other campus space not listed here. 

  •  Practice and rehearsal rooms
  • Student group offices
  • Theaters and prop rooms
  • Storage and costume closets
  • Recording and media editing studios
  • Whig Hall
  • Campus Club
  • Student Publications Center at 48 University Place
  • Outdoor Action Climbing Wall and Equipment Room

In exceptional cases, such as to retrieve a critical piece of equipment, student organizations may request temporary a very limited entry to their space. To do so, an officer of the group will need to complete this form a minimum of five (5) business days in advance, detailing the nature of the request. If approved, an ODUS staff member will be in touch to make arrangements to meet on-site with an officer of the student organization. The expectation is that these requests will be made during the first two weeks of the fall term.