How to ...

The Pace Center offers a wide array of resources for students to serve, lead, engage, and inspire. Whether you're trying to plan an event, publicize your work, or get funding, we can help.

  • Access Vehicles

    The Pace Center CarShare program is suspended and not accessible to students, including those who are driver-certified.
  • Organize a Response

    Looking to mobilize support after a natural disaster or tragedy? Meet with a Pace Center staff member to get started.
  • Propose a New Service Group

    Have an idea for a new service group? Learn how to bring your idea to life.
  • Manage Your Finances

    Get help with your budget, submitting reimbursements, or setting up a fundraiser.
  • Use Campus Space

    Understand the guidelines and parameters to utilize Pace Center space in the Frist Campus Center and at 58 Prospect Ave.
  • Plan Your Travel

    All service-related travel, domestic and international, is suspended and is not supported by the Pace Center.
  • Plan Your Event

    Learn best practices for planning your virtual event. Register your event in CLEVER to receive advising and support.
  • Promote Your Work

    Looking to spread the work about your efforts? Get tips and best practices for publicity and communications.
  • Engage at Home

    Not on campus this semester? Learn how to prepare and build connections to serve and engage in your community.

If you are looking for information about training and learning from service, visit our Doing Service Well section. Check out the Field Guide to Service to get started!