TropicalClinics for Rural Health

by manisha

TropicalClinics is a 501(c)3 U.S. nonprofit with the mission of building one-of-a-kind health centers in rural areas of developing nations (beginning in Kenya), utilizing a chaptership program that extends across the United States. Simply, we develop philanthropically-funded start-up healthcare clinics. TropicalClinics for Rural Health: Princeton is the founding chapter of the TropicalClinics for Rural Health (TCRH) chaptership program, and the base point for all other chapters across the country serving as the direct liaison between our Kenyan clinic and our nationwide chapters.

When: We have weekly Townhall meetings on Fridays at 5 pm and individual committee meetings at the committee's convenience.

Where: Meet on campus and serve on and off campus.


Connect with TCRH Princeton on Facebook (, Instagram (, or by emailing President Cassie Crifase '17 ( or VP of Operations Hajrah Hussain '17 (