Students for Prison and Education Reform

Students for Prison and Education Reform (SPEAR) is a student-run anti-carceral group at Princeton University that educates, advocates, and agitates against mass incarceration. To this end, we run various projects, including a letter-writing program with people in solitary confinement, a campaign to ban the box asking about conviction history on the undergraduate application, an effort to extend voting rights to currently incarcerated people in New Jersey, and legislation on the community based oversight of prisons. SPEAR also organizes an annual conference designed to bring together students, youth organizers, activists, policymakers, and scholars to build a movement for systemic change and to form a network of people committed to transforming the current criminal legal system. We encourage all interested students to get involved! Check out our website or email us!

Contacts: Kiki Gilbert '21 (, Masha Miura '21 (, and Amanda Eisenhour '21 (

When: Mondays from 8-9 pm 

Where Campus Club Prospect Room