The Princeton Indigenous Advocacy Coalition (PIAC) is a student group that seeks to empower and advocate for Indigenous students and studies at Princeton. We work primarily on four core broad goals that we have identified as areas of growth for the university. They are:

  • Student Support and Resources: We seek to acquire a dedicated affinity space on campus for Native students and facilitate the hiring of a staff member specifically to support and advocate for Native students. 
  • Undergraduate Admissions: Recruitment and Retention. We work closely with the Office of Undergraduate Admissions to improve recruitment and yield of Native students and augment the number of Natives applying to, being admitted to, and choosing to attend Princeton.
  • Academics, Coursework, and Faculty Relations. We are spearheading the push for a certificate program and advocate for hiring more Native professors.
  • Administration, Communication, and Strategic Planning. We work on projects that involve communicating and working with Princeton’s administration, communicating our goals and projects to Princeton’s campus, making our efforts visible, and determining approaches to solving our problems.

PIAC works closely with Natives at Princeton, the Carl A. Fields Center, Office of the Dean of the College, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, the Native American Alumni at Princeton Group, and various academic departments.

If you are interested in joining, please fill out our interest form.

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