Princeton Re-Entry & Employment Preparation

This Student Volunteers Council project is not active for Fall 2020.

The objective of the PREP program is to help incarcerated students showcase their strengths, abilities, and employment history to potential employers upon reentry. Lessons in the course cover multiple aspects of the modern job application process, and in particular focus on: writing a resume, identifying strengths, packaging weaknesses, and developing interview skills. As per student requests, sessions may also focus on post-incarceration educational opportunities and relevant application processes. The flexibility of the program and the size of the courses allow for easy tailoring of classes to students’ interests in specific industries and career goals. Upon finishing the course, students will have received an informational packet containing useful resources, both paper and digital copies of their resumes, and a certificate of completion.

When: Volunteers commit to providing one lesson per week.

Where: Meets on campus and volunteers off campus; transportation provided.

Want to get involved? Contact Christopher Wilks '20 ( or Jack Aiello '21 (