Student Organization Resources

To do service well, the Pace Center recognizes that students need the tools, information, approaches and best practices on how to do service well. Whether your group is fundraising, developing a budget, planning an event, travelling locally or internationally to work with a community partner, developing promotional materials, or wanting to learn how to recruit, retain and motivate volunteers, the Pace Center can provide the resources and support that you need to have a successful and meaningful experience with your group. Basic information on resources provided by the Pace Center can be found on the How to ... section of our website.



To publicize your group’s work and raise awareness for your particular cause, issue or event, the Pace Center has a myriad of resources and tools available to support you. From printing options to design resources to guidelines around social media, blogging or photography, we can support your communication needs. You can read more about Communications resources to support your group in the How to ... Promote Your Work section.  

Important to note:

  • Pace Center recognition: As a Pace Center recognized and sponsored student organization, you must display the Pace Center logo on any of your printed or electronic communications. To obtain the appropriate version of the Pace Center logo, or to brainstorm and strategize your communications, contact Gwen McNamara, Communications Coordinator for the Pace Center.
  • Before printing or posting promotional materials: Please share them with Gwen McNamara who can provide feedback and share out more widely among Pace Center and University communication channels.  
  • Websites: All student organizations can apply for a free WordPress website. 
  • Outdoor campus advertising: Complete the McCosh Walk Banner Form to reserve space over McCosh Walk. To request one of the four marquee spaces on the north side of Frist Campus Center to publicize your event, complete and submit the Frist Marquee Space Reservation Form.



Student organizations are encouraged to make all events and activities open to the larger Princeton student community. (Some funders such as ODUS Projects Board request that on-campus events be free and open to all undergraduate students.)

To receive support for an event that your group is holding on or off campus, you must register your event using the Pace Center Event Registration Form. Register your event at least two weeks in advance of your event to give adequate time to reserve space, order University or outside services, food, supplies or to meet with Pace Center staff. By completing and submitting this form, we can also advise your group on available resources, including funding and publicity, opportunities for collaboration, University policies, and more. For help in planning your event, contact Rose Holton, administrative assistant for the Pace Center.

Important to note:

  • University services’ charges: Student organizations can only access University services with their chartstring which is assigned once you are approved and recognized by the Pace Center. Access to these services will incur a charge. For example, catering a reception through Dining Services; renting and setting up tables and chairs through Building Services; or requesting late-night event staffing through Public Safety are all expenses charged to your group’s account. 
  • Free space: Free and inclusive spaces at the Pace Center are available for your group to meet. They include: the Pace Center lounge, Frist 201A,, accessible 24 hours, Monday-Sunday, reserved by simply writing in your event on the wall calendar in Frist 201A; and various Community House rooms located on the 3rd floor of 58 Prospect Avenue, reserved by simply writing in your event on the wall calendar located on the bulletin board in the hallway.  
  • More event resources: Helpful information to Reserve a Venue/Location, Fund an Event, Promote an Event, and specific Event Policies can be found on the ODUS website. 
  • Emails and Listservs: All student organizations are required to have a Princeton netID. This netID is your email address and serves as the primary method of communication in connecting with the wider University. Your student organization email is also required to register for University systems such as SAFE in accessing funding. A listserv is optional and acts as a way to communicate internally within your group. To obtain a Princeton netID or listserv for your group or if you are having password issues, contact Rose Holton.



The Pace Center acts as a bridge between University Finance and Treasury and student organizations. Financial management is a significant responsibility of student organizations. The Pace Center can answer questions, provide clarification of financial policies, and guide students through the financial side of leading a student organization. For finance-related questions, contact Elsie Sheidler.

Important to note:

  • Budgets and expenses: Information on developing and managing your budget and processing your group’s expense reimbursements can be found on our website’s Finances page. 
  • Financial forms: Commonly used forms for executing financial transactions, including but not limited to, guest reimbursement, honoraria, and the University’s sales tax exemption form can be found on the Finance Forms section of the ODUS website. 
  • Fundraising: All fundraising events must be approved by the Pace Center staff advisor for student organizations. Submit your request for fundraising on the Event Registration form at least two weeks prior to your fundraising event. If you are part of a larger national organization with fundraising requirements of your group, please schedule an appointment to review with your staff advisor, Elsie Sheidler


To support the University in its institutional fundraising efforts, the Pace Center aligns its fundraising practices with those developed by ODUS. Presented here are relevant fundraising practices excerpted from the ODUS website section on Donations and Fundraising. Questions about any of these practices should be addressed to Elsie Sheidler.

  • Alumni fundraising drives: Organized alumni fundraising drives must be reviewed by the Pace Center and approved by Development.  These fundraising drives can only be conducted from July 1 to Dec 31 of each calendar year (outside the Annual Giving period.) Please submit any proposals for fundraising drives to Elsie Sheidler by mid-November. 
  • Individual  donations: If an individual would like to donate to a group, separately from an organized fundraising drive, they should mail their donation directly to the University’s Office of Development (address below).  Checks should made out to “The Trustees of Princeton University” with the reference to the Pace Center for Civic Engagement, your student organization name and your group’s chartstring noted in the memo line. Once the donation is received, Development will process the donation to your student organization account as well as send a letter of acknowledgment for tax purposes to the donor. 

Princeton University
Office of Development
Gift Records
PO Box 5357
Princeton, NJ 08540-5357

  • Corporate and foundation gifts or partnerships: Corporate and Foundation gifts and partnerships may also directed to Development if an entity requests a letter of acknowledgement for tax purposes from the University.  Corporate and Foundation administrators may request a copy of the University's W-9. Please contact Elsie Sheidler for a copy. 
  • Wire transfers: If an organization would like to wire funds directly to the University, contact Elsie Sheidler.