Princeton Online Tutoring Network

A Princeton student and local youth work together on homework

The Princeton Online Tutoring Network (POTN) is a free online tutoring resource that matches Princeton University student, staff, or faculty tutors with underserved students in the local community. POTN was initially founded as a direct response to the disruption to academic progress caused by the suspension of in-person classes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Working with community organizations, POTN provides tailored support for the youth who participate in the organizations’ existing programs.
POTN  program model includes one or more of the following components: 

  • Academic Support (Tutoring)
  • College Readiness (Standardized Test Support)
  • Skill Building (ex. Goal setting, Time management)

Students who participate in POTN will be interacting primarily with: their tutors, a site coordinator who oversees tutor to tutee pairing and tutor sessions, and with a staff member from the community partnering organizations.

What We Do

POTN partners with a variety of youth-serving community partners to tailor our resources to their specific set of needs. We work with partnering organizations to bring additional academic support to students by scheduling students for recurring online tutoring sessions through Zoom. All tutoring sessions will have a minimum of two tutors participating, regardless of the number of students.

Students can choose between two types of tutoring sessions, depending on availability and their preferences and needs: 

  • 2:1 Tutoring Sessions - Two tutors directly supporting one student 
  • Small Group Tutoring Sessions - The students will work in a small group with tutors all receiving support for the same subject

POTN currently offers support for all core classes at the high school level as well as SAT preparation. POTN tutors also place a special emphasis on building the skills and mindset necessary for high-level academic performance and college readiness.

Student Safety and Guidelines

POTN holds the safety of its students as the utmost priority. It only works with current Princeton-affiliated students, faculty, and staff that have received specialized training and have initiated our background check process. In each tutoring session, both tutors will have at least submitted the background check process, with at least one, if not both, tutors having cleared our background check. Students will never be one-on-one with a tutor in a virtual environment. Tutors and students must also copy, or CC, the site coordinator and either a parent or community partner team member on any digital communications exchanged outside of their Zoom session. A waiver containing additional details will be distributed to students before their first session.

Contact Us

Please direct all questions, comments, and inquiries to