2021 Bogle Fellows

Shrey Addagatla, Frisco, TX

  • Stemming from his experience with DECA, Shrey plans to expand access to CTE programs to increase post-secondary opportunities for students that choose not to go to college. He also hopes to rebuild programs which COVID-19 impacted disproportionately.

Kojo Baidoo, Reisterstown, MD       

  • Kojo will foster his interest in ornithology to work in the Stoddard Lab to create an online database for the Princeton Bird Collection to serve as a resource for students, teachers, and the public, and create an outreach program to promote biodiversity.

Akhila Bandlora, Phoenix, AZ

  • Inspired by her freshman seminar, "Saving Seeds", Akhila will be working at Native Seeds Search in Arizona. She will publish a zine to share out her reflections on the ways in which her relationship to our Earth has grown over the summer

Mia Beams,  Marion, MA

  • Mia will be working with the community farm in her area, which works to help alleviate food insecurity through donating their produce to local food banks. Mia will help develop a youth curriculum to help promote community engagement.

Shruthi Bharadwaj, South Brunswick, NJ     

  • Expanding on past work with Amnesty International, Shruthi will work to implement workshop-model activism in the community. She'll train peer leaders to run discussion-based workshops on pertinent social issues--sparking change by starting hard conversations.

Trisha  Boonpongmanee, Tri-Cities, WA      

  • Trisha will be working with the Downtown Pasco Development Center to create a series of videos and podcast episodes to strengthen business development programs, improve civic engagement, and create resources for the local small businesses.

Luke Chan, Manhasset, NY  

  • Inspired by his experiences working with elementary/secondary school students, Luke will be partnering with Adventures in Learning, a non-profit educational and enrichment program to support and provide guidance to underserved students in his community.

Allan Gikonyo, Nairobi, Kenya

  • Embracing his passion for education inequality and healthcare, Allan will be working with Beyond Fistula to help obstetric fistula survivors rebuild their lives after surgery through a grassroots tutoring program to aid their transition back into school.

Kristal Grant,  Kingston, Jamaica     

  • Kris will be partnering with the LGBT Center at Princeton for a long term project aimed at reimagining queer liberation. This summer, she will conduct a series of interviews with Black queer people regarding their accessibility to healthcare.

Eric Gutierrez, Las Vegas, NV          

  • Eric is partnering with the Focus on Youth Organization to help alleviate food insecurity in Portland. He intends to help strengthen the garden's food production, engage additional volunteers, and support the operational well-being of the organization.

Noah Harrigan, Malvern, PA

  • Inspired by his writing seminar 'Justice Beyond Borders', Noah will be working as a policy intern this summer. He will be researching recent developments in economic and foreign policy and advocate for policy change in both of these realms.

Kutorkor Kotey, Newark, NJ

  • Kutorkor will be working with the Abbott Leadership Institute to research what deep-rooted reasons within COVID disables Newark High School students from attending school and will formulate recommendations to decrease absenteeism rates in the Education System.

Yonit Krebs, Minneapolis, MN         

  • Working with the ICWA Law Center, a non-profit that provides legal services focused on the Indian Child Welfare Act, Yonit will be conducting research on best practices in ICWA cases to enable better advocacy for Minnesota’s Native community.

Eric Lee, Aurora, CO

  • As an aspiring physician, Eric will be working in a lab at the National Jewish Health hospital in Denver. There, he will assist in research and perform experiments related to pathways involved in repairing damaged lung cells caused by ARDS and COVID-19.

Hannah Lee, Suwanee, GA   

  • Hannah will be working with the Asian New Life Foundation to create informational content on the significant disparity for Asian Americans in bone marrow donor registries, with the goal of expanding the donor registry for the Asian American community.

Uma Menon, Winter Park, FL           

  • Uma will be serving as an Intern at the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services (RAICES), the largest aid group in Texas that provides legal services to undocumented immigrants and asylum-seekers in the US.

Elzbieta Noble, Brisbane, Australia  

  • This summer, Elzbieta will be interning with TRACTION group to, firstly, develop a Program Evaluation Framework for the organization, and secondly, Elzbieta will be assisting in TRACTION’s 2021 fundraising events.

Rohit Oomman, Brooklyn, NY         

  • Rohit will be spending the summer at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music as an assistant jazz guitar instructor. He will also be working on a citywide outreach project designed to bring in students who can benefit from the institution's financial aid.

Ana Palacios, Atlanta, GA

  • Ana will work with the Agape Youth and Family Center to develop a health education curriculum. Agape is a center in Atlanta, GA that works to empower students from under-served families through academic achievement.

Francesca Pauca, Winston Salem, NC

  • Francesca will work with the Shalom Project, a free medical clinic in her city, seeking to address the needs of its patients by both expanding clinic services as an intern and creating an informative handbook of resources for the city’s underserved.

Tevin Singei, Migori, Kenya 

  • Inspired by his work with a local radio station during his gap year, Tevin will be researching the influence of the socio-political environment on the financial habits of residents of politically volatile rural Kenya.

Reva Singh, New York, NY

  • This summer, Reva will be interning at the US Trade and Development Agency as a Public Affairs intern. Her work will be focused on increasing the accessibility of agency programs to connect developing countries to infrastructure development resources.

Jalen Travis, Minneapolis, MN

  • As someone who is interested in youth advocacy, Jalen will work with the Just Action Coalition in Minneapolis MN to conduct a survey that will assess youth involvement and interest in social advocacy. Jalen will then present an analysis of his findings to the organization's board of directors, with recommendations on the best way to advance the mission of the organization.

Kate Van Dusen, Austin, TX 

  • This summer, Kate will be working with the Howard G. Buffett Foundation, which provides grants to philanthropic organizations worldwide. Kate will be involved in coordinating grants to organizations that combat gang related violence in Latin America.