2019 Bogle Fellows

Harshini Abbaraju `22: Harshini Abbaraju will be engaging in grassroots organizing of rural and Asian-American voters with the 2020 presidential campaign of Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, primarily in Central Iowa. She will focus on methods of strategic messaging, intentional outreach, and sustainable coalition-building.

Leyla Arcasoy `22: As a Bogle Fellow, Leyla will be spending her summer researching the resources available for cancer care, prevention, and treatment, and consolidating the material gathered in a digestible curriculum for New York City teenagers.

Max Chan `22: In light of China’s ongoing diabetes epidemic, Max will work with Abbott Laboratories in Shanghai and Beijing to research, create, and implement a plan to make diabetic care more manageable and affordable through subsidization of medical supplies.

Nikhil De `22: Nikhil will combine his interests in law and environmental justice by working for a legal nonprofit in the Dallas Fort Worth area. He will work on a community revitalization project which combines cases of fair housing, environmental justice, and community development.

Asad Hussein `22: Asad will be a Peer Mentor at the Refugee Youth Academy, a six-week program run by the International Rescue Committee which provides classes in English literacy and Math and other learning skills to newly arrived refugee and immigrant students.

Carrie Li `22: Carrie will be an intern for 270 Strategies, a company that aids progressive causes by transforming their ideas into effective campaigns.

Derek Li `22: Derek will be partnering with APIs Mobilize, a non-profit that provides political opportunities for high-school students. Derek hopes to develop community outreach skills, investigate representation issues, and encourage youth to be civically engaged.

Moin Mir `22: Moin will spend the summer building an organization that works with Kashmiri high school students to put them in a better position to make decisions about their careers through workshops and mentoring.

Emma Moriarty `22: As a prospective Woodrow Wilson major, Emma plans to study how state and federal policy impact implementation of the Trafficking Victims Assistance Program funds and other sources of aid in Hawaii.

Ronnie Kihonge `22: Working in a solar power company, Ronnie’s internship seeks to improve access of low income people in Kenya to solar power as a clean energy alternative as opposed to detrimental traditional fuels being used.

Maya Mishra `22: Maya will intern at NASA Headquarters in the Office of the Chief Health and Medical Officer. She will be combining her interests in outer space and medicine by designing trainings and contributing to strategic guidance.

Ella Pang `22: Ella will be working at the Raben Group in Washington D.C., a national public affairs and lobbying firm on issue campaigns and movements to drive up public awareness for a wide range of civic issues.

Tamica Perrera `22: Tamica will be interning at Holy Cross Children's Home in Marawila, Sri Lanka in the summer of 2019. She will be teaching English and math to the orphans as well as leading workshops on self love, personal hygiene, and self care.

Tammy Pham `22: This summer, Tammy will be working with students in her school district to help low-income, first-generation students prepare for the college application process and the transition between senior year of high school and freshman year of college.

Emily Sanchez `22: Emily will be collaborating with NJ SEEDS, a non-profit organization that prepares low-income students in NJ for admission to independent schools. She will mentor students as they participate in programs that provide rigorous academic enrichment.

Isabel Segel `22: Isabel's prospective internship is in the Office of Mayor William Peduto in her hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, working specifically on legislative and gender equity issues in the City.

Grace Simmons `22: Grace will spend 8 weeks of her summer at CHOP researching pediatric eating disorders and 6 weeks in Japan as a Global English Camp intern improving the English speaking confidence of camp participants and expanding her cultural awareness.

Zachariah Sippy `22: Zachariah will be working with the Religious Diversity in Minnesota Initiative of Carleton College, investigating the relationship between the Somali-Muslim and Jewish community in the greater Minneapolis-St. Paul region.

Natalia Solano `22: Natalia will be interning at JFCS (Jewish Family and Community Services), helping with the resettlement and orientation of refugees and immigrants into the Pittsburgh community.

Jack Sullivan `22: Jack plans to work with his local Congressional representative in Nashville, Tennessee. At the field office, Jack will learn about policy issues affecting homeless populations and affordable housing and apply this learning to advocacy work.

Emma Treadway `22: Emma will be completing a summer internship with her city councilman in Cincinnati, Ohio. Emma will be exploring the intersection of service and political leadership, and how they can be more closely connected to bring about the humanization of political leaders.

Priya Vulchi `22: Leveraging her non-profit CHOOSE's model of pairing interviews with systematic research, Priya Vulchi and her co-founder are traveling to the U.S. territories to spark public consciousness about neocolonialism and what it means to be “American.”

Christina Wang `22: Christina plans on working with a nonprofit organization in New York dedicated to youth empowerment. Specifically, Christina would like to encourage students from historically underrepresented demographics to consider pursuing careers in STEM fields.

Ilya Yatsishin `22: Ilya will be focusing on improving and innovating medical therapies and robotic surgery for urologic oncology to improve patient experiences and outcomes.

Anlin Zhang `22: Anlin will be interning at the Autism Tree Project Foundation (ATPF), which is a non-profit that organizes over 200 events per year and 20 programs for children with Autism. She will plan workshops and directly interact with families affected by ASD.