2017 Bogle Fellow Profiles

2017 Bogle Fellows

  • Kaveh Badrei '20
    Interned with the Anti-Defamation League's Southwest Regional Office in Houston, Texas; focusing on policy side of this local office, specifically on their new projects focusing on the inclusion of refugees within the community and combatting rising anti-Semitism in the US.

  • Adam Beasley '20
    Produced a multi-video project that documents poverty and how it affects many who live in northern Texas with the nonprofit organization CitySquare.

  • Annie Cory '20
    Developed a health and wellness curriculum for Lacrosse the Nation’s after-school programs in Charlottesville, VA.

  • Ryan Gao '20
    Interned at Moderna Therapeutics in Cambridge Massachusetts to bridge technology and biology to create lifesaving vaccines.  

  • Moses Im '20
    Built relationships with corporations in order to help solve the issue of homeless in the area with the nonprofit organization LifeMoves.

  • Rafi Lehmann '20
    worked at the Association on American Indian Affairs in Providence, RI, helping with their sacred objects repatriation project. 

  • Winston Lie '20
    Developed a science education program for 3rd-6th graders at the Morley Nelson Community Center in Boise, Idaho.

  • Kateryn McReynolds '20
    Interned with Homeboy Industries, located in Los Angeles, CA, which provides hope through job training, support, and several other services to previously incarcerated men and women and former gang members.

  • June Philippe '20
    Aided in the cultivation and betterment of the summer enrichment programs provided by the Cooperman College Scholars program.

  • Isabel Ruehl '20
    Researching post-secondary services for nonverbal or nearly nonverbal autistic individuals; culminating in a collection of interviews and short stories.

  • Anne Marie Wright '20
    Interned at the South Bend Code School (SBCS), a local non-profit geared towards eliminating barriers between people, technology and jobs.

  • Jennie Yang '20
    Conducted water quality tests and biotic surveys at the Stage Nature Center, and brought together her research in a new permanent installation for local youth.

  • Alaa Ragab '20
    Developed partnerships with academic institutions in the Middle East to collaborate towards social change with the nonprofit organization PeaceWorks.

  • Linda Pucurimay '20
    Partner with the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation, a California-based nonprofit organization, to create a new monitoring and evaluation method to show the efficacy of their youth programming.  

  • Hanuel Ryoo '20
    Interned with Senator Mark Takano on Capitol Hill.

  • Niranjan Shankar '20
    Researched the intersection of political violence and terrorist at University of Chicago’s Project on Security and Threats, related to U.S. Foreign Policy in the Middle East and South Asia.

  • Gabriela Oseguera Serra '20
    Developed resources to educate and empower Spanish-speaking New Jersey residents affected by climate change with the local nonprofit, Climate Central.