Bogle Fellows: 2017 Profiles

Kaveh Badrei '20
I'll be interning with the Anti-Defamation League's Southwest Regional Office in Houston, Texas. I will be working closely with the policy side of this local office, specifically on their new projects focused on the inclusion of refugees within the community and the combat against rising anti-Semitism in the US. I hope to get a better sense of how non-profits operate and function within a specific community atmosphere to address particular needs and problems.

I hope to learn how to go about approaching service and any sort of social work in a more meaningful, intentional way. Working within the cohort and the group of Bogle Fellows, I hope, will help me gain a great sense of drive and meaning from my summer project.

Adam Beasley '20
I plan to partner with CitySquare in Dallas, Texas to produce a multi-video project that documents poverty and how it affects many who live in northern Texas. I will share the stories of neighbors who struggle with poverty  to enable greater community engagement in the fight against poverty, and in turn, those struggling from poverty and homelessness will be able to receive more effective assistance.

I hope to learn about the city I grew up in, and see new people and aspects of it. Some of these may be difficult to witness or hear, but I hope to take what I learn and gain a better understanding of my community and how I can help make positive impacts in it.

Annie Cory '20
I will be working with a non-profit in Charlottesville, VA called Lacrosse the Nations. I will be developing a health and wellness curriculum for the after school programs. The health and wellness curriculum will be employed for the coming school year.

I applied to be a Bogle Fellow because I wanted to ... round out my first year at Princeton by taking what I have learned in my first two semesters and applying my work ethic and dedication to service back to a non-profit that I am passionate about.

Ryan Gao '20
I am interning at Moderna Therapeutics in Cambridge Massachusetts. Moderna is a leading biotechnology startup that hopes to use mRNA technology to make vaccines easier to discover and more widely available. I hope to be a part of this discussion and apply my skills as a computer scientist to help achieve their goal. I also hope to learn more about public service in general and the affect it can have on the community around me.

I hope to refine my mindset on what it means to be in service and how one can be in service through discussions with other fellows. Through this fellowship, I hope to gain more concrete ideas on how to stay involved in the community around me even past my internship.

Moses Im '20
I am going to be interning at LifeMoves, a nonprofit in the Silicon Valley area, as the corporate partnership intern. I will be focusing building relationships with corporations in order to help solve the issue of homeless in the area. I hope to help many homeless people find housing and sustainability while creating ways for corporations to have social impact on their communities.

The thing that moves me about my project is that not only am I tackling the issue of homeless in the Bay Area, I am also trying to figure out the issue of how I can get others involved in social impact. How can I get corporations to become involved in social innovation? How can I get other people who normally don't care too much about these issues to care and help? These are the things I am hoping to answer through my internship and fellowship.

Rafi Lehmann '20
I will be working at the Association on American Indian Affairs in Providence, RI, helping with their sacred objects repatriation project. I hope to learn about Native American issues and effective non-profit work.

Winston Lie '20
My summer project involves doing a one-day science fair and presentation at the Morley Nelson Community in Boise, Idaho and getting kids interested in science while at the same time present some of the things I learned and researched in the biosciences. My hope is for students to get interested about the subject. I am excited to discover new ways to get involved and the many sides of service.

Kateryn McReynolds '20
I will be working as an intern with Homeboy Industries, located in Los Angeles, CA, which provides hope through job training, support, and several other services, to previously incarcerated men and women and former gang members. I hope to walk away having positively impacted the lives of my fellow community members and gained a sense of responsibility, ability, and hopeful determination to continue serving my communities.

I hope to gain a sense of understanding of the ways in which I can effectively better my communities, how to merge the worlds of academia and activism, and to understand more deeply the incalculable value of service.

June Philippe '20
I plan to shadow the team at the Cooperman College Scholars program to build a knowledge base of college access work. I would like to aid in the cultivation and betterment of the varying summer enrichment programs Cooperman has already established while gaining exposure to the logistical and operational aspects of running a program that aims to help low-income, high-achieving students realize and conquer their college goals. I hope to, through my partnership with Cooperman, establish programming for supporting students after matriculation.

I applied to become a Bogle Fellow because I believe this opportunity is unmatched in its promise of personal growth and civic engagement development. I hope to use my fellowship cohort and this experience to further my understanding of service and further enhance my impact on my community.

Isabel Ruehl '20
I'll be in Boston all summer researching post-secondary services for nonverbal or nearly nonverbal autistic individuals. I'll use this research to interview families and write up case studies; each case study will be a chapter in short story form. This is a combination of research and creative writing.

I love to write, and I've been very interested in autism adult services. Equally important (and, I'm sure, a trait that I share with all other Fellows) is my genuine love for meaningful public service. I want to research something that will help a lot of people.     

Anne Marie Wright '20
I will be working in South Bend, Indiana, where the South Bend Code School (SBCS) is located. This summer, my goal is to broaden the reach of SBCS and increase their impact on the South Bend community. Some outcomes I hope to achieve by the end of the summer include: introduce the SBCS curriculum for AP Computer Science Principles into schools where individuals do not think it is possible to earn AP credit, double the enrollment and graduation of SBCS course this summer, help graduates of the program find internships and jobs, and work with the state of Indiana to fund individuals through the course.

I am excited to learn about how I can make a difference, as cliché as that sounds, because I feel as though this project can be an impetus for change outside a bubble that I am so used to inhabiting. It is change on a level that really needs to be improved to improve the quality of lives. I am hoping to also learn about my community more and the problems, hardships, difficulties that these adults and students face everyday and with their job prospects and education.

Jennie Yang '20
I will be in Troy, Michigan conducting water quality tests and biotic surveys at the Stage Nature Center. I hope to achieve my goal of updating their exhibit hall space to reflect my findings and educate children about the importance of environmental stewardship.

I applied to be a Bogle Fellow because I was drawn to the idea of civic service having a broad interpretation. Service is mutual--it has a wide-reaching impact on both the individual and society, and I am interested in addressing environmental issues as a Bogle Fellow.

Alaa Ragab '20
Alaa is interning at Peacework in Blacksburg, VA to develop partnerships with academic institutions in the Middle East.

Linda Pucurimay '20
Linda is developing resources and programming to support burn survivors and their families reintegrate children into the school system without stigma or bullying.

Hanuel Ryoo '20
Hanuel is interning with her local senator to learn more about how to advocate for and support Americans to actively engage in government.

Niranjan Shankar '20
Niranjan is researching predictive models at University of Chicago, which look at the likelihood of suicide bombings and other terrorist attacks in target areas.

Gabriela Oseguera Serra '20
Gabriela is interning at Sustainable New Jersey on a variety of projects focused on advocacy and awareness.