2020 Bogle Fellows

Abdelhamid Arbab `23

Dedicated to serving his community, Abdelhamid will be a Government Affairs intern for the Council on American Islamic Relations (NY)— America's largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization whose mission is to protect and empower Muslim Americans.

Daisy Bissonette `22

Daisy will be working at NuMED Inc., a medical company specializing in developing cardiovascular catheters. Daisy will be a part of the Research and Development team working on creating a new heart stent and improving a previous catheter.

Sienna Byrne `23

Inspired by the Sustainable Futures writing seminar and work with conservation nonprofits, Sienna will create a narrative film about conservation work that has been done in North Kohala, Hawaii, focusing on stories of the local individuals who made it possible.

Preeti Chemiti `23

Based on her experience as the founder of a mental health non-profit, Preeti will be working to improve mental health initiatives in rural high schools in her home state of North Dakota by partnering with the ND Department of Public Instruction.

Sim Chopra `23

Sim will partner with Education Through Music - Los Angeles, an organization that works with disadvantaged students in Los Angeles. Through a video project, Sim will explore establishing music as a core subject in elementary and middle schools.

Nelson Chow `23

Inspired by discussions of public health in his freshman seminar, 'Life on Mars: or Maybe Not', Nelson will be working with Freeport Recreation Center and Aquatic Solutions to expand access to CPR/AED/First Aid/Lifeguard training for low-income students.

Miguel Gracia-Zhang `23

Inspired by his freshman seminar, 'What to Read and Believe in the Digital Age', Miguel will work at a local online newspaper while also researching how local journalism is innovating in the digital age and the era of COVID-19.

Noa Greenspan `23

Noa will be interning with Wyoming Public Media to help develop a podcast on carbon sequestration technology and Wyoming's energy transition. She is so excited to work on a project at the intersection of culture, energy, and the environment.

Yaashree Himatsingka `23

Disturbed by mounting crop failures and farmer suicides in her home state, Maharashtra, Yaashree will be working with Lifel (research platform) to create a resource that provides in-depth, solution-oriented reportage of the agrarian crisis in her state

Sam Kagan `23

Embracing his passion for government, Sam will be working as a legislative intern for his representative, Congressman Mike Quigley. Sam will develop his understanding of Capitol Hill by conducting research, drafting letters, and authoring policy memos.

Hala Lachguer `23

Drawn to the intersections of social justice, faith, civic education, and healthcare, Hala will work with the NYC Muslim Community Network to help facilitate the emergence of a Muslim-American identity that transcends gender, ethnic, and class boundaries.

Aaron Leung `23

Aaron will be working at Nautilus with AI specialists on a project that aims to formulate data-based educational insights to develop accessible, personalized learning and innovative policy at the intersections of AI and ethics, education, and social good.

Kate Liu `23

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Kate will work with the YWCA Princeton to bring resources and aid to affected members of the community. She will collaborate closely with the YWCA's various programs and other community organizations.

Colton Loftus `23

Inspired by his computer science classes at Princeton, Colton will be partnering with the youth-development organization, 4-H, to carry out STEM education programs for youth around his community in Western Massachusetts.

Madison Mellinger `23

Taking into account her own experience with college access, Madison will be partnering with the Chambersburg Area Senior High School and the Lenfest Scholars Foundation to organize a summer program for rising juniors in her rural Pennsylvanian hometown.

Rose Nguyen `23

As a FLI student, Rose is a passionate advocate for education equities. She will be working with TRIO Upward Bound, a college access program for FLI students, to assist the online transition and further develop a critical lens of college access.

Mikala Parnell `23

Mikala’s internship will be with a local non-profit organization called Step Up Wilmington, an organization that provides job and life training to underserved populations. Specifically, she will assist in the launch of their social enterprise program.

Karla Perez-Gazca `23

Seeking to gain further insight of healthcare disparities and their effects, Karla will work with the nonprofit Proyecto Desarrollo Humano to expand accessibility to their health and nutritional education services in the surrounding South Texas community.

Celine Pham `23

Celine will be working as a technical and outreach intern for D.C. Central Kitchen's Healthy Corners Program, a social venture that distributes affordable, nutritious food to small retailers in D.C.'s food deserts.

Rooya Rahin `23

Expanding on her passion for policy work, Rooya will intern in the Department of Public Policy and Advocacy at Hunger Free Colorado, a nonprofit dedicated to battling local food insecurity.

Colton Simmons `23

Colton will be working with a Congressional campaign in Tennessee to encourage civic engagement among students and young people. He will build coalitions and educate local youth by using social media as an outreach tool and conducting hands-on training.

Mayu Takeuchi `23

Passionate about addressing environmental injustices, Mayu will work with the New Jersey Student Climate Advocates to pass nonpartisan state climate policy while amplifying the voices of underrepresented NJ communities through grassroots mobilization.

Elliott Weil `23

Elliott will be working for Tenants Together, a California renter's rights organization, to conduct research about the profile and influence of landlords across the state. He will also assist in campaigns for housing justice during the COVID-19 crisis.