The Food Project: Research and Evaluation Fellow

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Non-U.S. citizens are not eligible to apply for this position.


Location: Lincoln and Lynn, MA

Fellowship Position

Position title: Research and Evaluation Fellow

Department: Alumni Program and Youth Program

Reports to: Director of Operations and HR and North Shore Regional Director

Address of fellowship placement: 3-4 days/week at 10 Lewis Street in Lincoln, MA and 1-2 days/week at 120 Munroe Street in Lynn, MA

Department Description

This position will largely fall under the Operations group, which now includes Outcomes Evaluation. Our new Director of Operations, Jen James, worked with The Food Project in a variety of roles from 2000-2009, and has just rejoined the organization. She and John Wang, who has been with us for 15 years, will supervise this fellow. Over the years, we have relied on self-reported surveys and narratives as our primary tool to evaluate our youth outcomes. In 2008, we did a study of our alumni, but that has not been refreshed in over 10 years. John Wang is currently leading a project with the Bridgespan Group on our Intended Impact and Theory of Change. One of the key outcomes that we have identified as critical to track is our long term impact on youth. The fellow will work closely with Jen and John on these projects.

Position Description

This fellow will do alumni outreach to develop both a new report on alumni outcomes and a system for ongoing tracking that could be used going forward. The fellow will also work with youth staff to determine how to evaluate our Root Crew youth and the new initiatives we are pursuing for this cohort. We would allocate 75 - 80 percent of the time to this work. They would spend the other 20 - 25 percent of their time working directly with our Root Crew youth as the Assistant Root Crew Supervisor for the North Shore. This work will help inform the evaluation work and will allow the fellow to experience the full spectrum of what we do.

Examples of specific responsibilities, projects, tasks, and/or duties of the Fellow include:

  • Alumni Outreach Project: Identify and track alumni of our programs. Determine the optimal tool (surveys, interviews, focus groups) and conduct research on the impact of their involvement with The Food Project. Document where they are now. Create a system for tracking alums of the programs on an ongoing basis.
  • Root Crew Outcomes Evaluation (summer and academic year): Work with Seed Impact to design evaluation tool that aligns with the one for Seed and Dirt Crews and that evaluates the entire arc of learning across all three crews.
  • New Root Crew Food System Workshops: Evaluation of immediate impact and recommendations for follow-up with participants to determine behavior change.


The fellow should have excellent writing skills and any experience or coursework in research and evaluation will be appreciated.

Professional Development

VISIONS, Inc., an eighteen-year partner of The Food Project and nationally recognized diversity consultant whose mission is:

  • To equip individuals, organizations, and communities with the tools needed to thrive in a diverse world.
  • To remove structural and cultural barriers that prevent full and equitable participation. 
  • To help create environments where differences are recognized, understood, appreciated, and utilized for the benefit of all.

Participation in The Food Project Institute, a three-day immersive learning experience about The Food Project designed for practitioners in the field of youth  development and food systems work.