High Meadows Application Process

The application process is currently closed.

Current Princeton seniors who are enrolled and in good standing are eligible to apply to three High Meadows fellowships. (Note that each organization has its own citizenship requirements so please carefully review each position description before applying; not all organizations can support non-U.S. citizens as employees.)  To submit a High Meadows Fellowship application, you will complete and submit an online application form by January 31, 2020 which will include a cover letter for each position you are applying to, one resume, and one scanned copy of your unofficial transcript.

Components of the High Meadows Fellowship Program

Debrief and Reflection Meetings:

The Pace Center requests that fellows be excused for Pace Center-coordinated, off-site debrief and reflection meetings with Princeton University staff, High Meadows Foundation officers and/or staff, and/or past High Meadows alumni. These meetings will occur at least once during each year of the fellowship.


Fellows are asked to respond in a timely and complete manner to evaluation requests sent by the Pace Center. Evaluations will be shared with Pace Center staff and with the High Meadows Foundation and may be excerpted, with permission from the fellow, for publicity purposes to promote the fellowship program. The responses from these evaluations allow the Pace Center to improve and strengthen the fellowship program and fellow experience.

Periodic Check-ins:

The Pace Center will periodically communicate with each fellow and his or her direct supervisor to request an update on the status of the fellowship, including, among other things, the fellow’s work and overall experience. This communication may be in the form of an email or a telephone call. The Pace Center asks for the full cooperation of the fellow and his or her direct supervisor in responding to these communications on a timely basis.


The Pace Center asks that fellows be excused, as needed, to participate in recruitment and marketing programs in support of the High Meadows Fellowship program including, but not limited to, career fairs, fellowship information sessions, and debriefs with the fellowship funder.


Thanks to the generosity of the High Meadows Foundation, the Pace Center, through the partner organization, pays the stipend and basic health care benefits for the fellowship. The partner organization pays the fellow as an employee.

Health Care Benefits:

Thanks to the generosity of the High Meadows Foundation, the Pace Center covers basic healthcare benefits for the fellows. Fellows do not incur any cost towards their basic health plan. Health benefits information will be made available to the selected fellows.

Educational and Professional Development:

High Meadows fellows are invited to participate in the Princeton AlumniCorps Princeton Project 55 (PP55) fellowship educational seminar series. The PP55 seminars are considered to be an important learning component of the fellowship, and provide a community of fellows interested and committed to addressing critical social problems.

Additional orientation and training in support of the fellows’ development may be offered by the Pace Center in collaboration with the partner organization. Fellows are expected to attend and participate in these additional trainings, as determined by the partner and the Pace Center. As relevant and appropriate, fellows may also be excused to participate in Princeton-sponsored conferences and other programs for the purposes of showcasing their work and associated learning to the broader Princeton community.

Fellows are encouraged to take advantage of professional development opportunities offered by the partner organization. The Pace Center asks the partner organization to accept responsibility for budgeting and funding any such programs, events, or other activities that are deemed critical to the work and responsibilities of the fellow in his or her current position.

High Meadows offers unique leadership development opportunities and a reflective learning community.  Each fellow brings their own perspectives, skills, and talents to the program. Fellows are asked to put forth new ideas and new approaches that promote the High Meadows fellowship community and further enhance the fellowship experience.