The Osborne Association

Apply HERE (Applications due February 15, 2019)


Location: Bronx, NY

Address of Internship: 809 Westchester Avenue Bronx, NY 11201

Number of Positions: 2

Organization Description

The Osborne Association provides services to individuals and families involved at different points of the criminal justice system from initial arrest to reentry services for those who served a state prison sentence. We offer prison based and community based support services, services for children of incarcerated parents, outpatient drug treatment, vocational programming, and court advocacy services-designed to lessen or diminish the likelihood of a prison sentence. Our organization seeks to keep clients in communities and/or provide them and their families with the services necessary to avoid recidivism. We hope that interns can bring a new perspective on how Osborne delivers services, can improve services and/or expand our outreach.

Position Description

Interns will:

  1. Accompany CAS advocates to court to observe the court room process.
  2. Interview, assess, and locate community based services for court involved youths and adults
  3. Prepare reports/letters for court submissions.
  4. Provide oral advocacy in courtroom on behalf of clients at liberty and detained
  5. Monitor clients progress in drug/mental health/anger mgmt/DWI programs
  6. Interact with attorneys, DA's, judges, mental health providers as needed
  7. Provide supportive services to clients and families
  8. Manage case files


Interns should be interested not only in the criminal justice system, but criminal justice reform. The ideal candidate will also appreciate working with individuals from diverse backgrounds, and will thrive in a work place where time management is critical and client outcomes are impacted by CAS's ability to put together a persuasive report/incorporate services in a timely manner. Candidates with an interest in law, social justice, psychology, social work are encouraged to apply, but we welcome a student who would like to learn about the criminal justice system as well.

Interns should be familiarize themselves with current trends in the criminal justice community including drug law, youth detention, women's issues, the impact of jail on children etc., should possess a strong interest in working with mostly indigent individuals who face an incarcerative sentence, strong interpersonal and oral communication skills, possess the ability to work independently and interdependently. Our goal is to provide interns with an authentic experience, so we hope to work with an enthusiastic candidate who can offer ideas, and appreciate working in an fast-paced deadline oriented arena.