NYLAG- Immigrant Protection Unit

Apply HERE (Applications due February 15, 2019)


Location: New York, NY

Address of Internship: 7 Hanover Square, 18th Fl New York, NY 10004

Number of Positions: 2

Organization Description

Founded in 1990, the New York Legal Assistance Group provides high quality, free civil legal services to low-income New Yorkers who cannot afford attorneys. Our comprehensive range of services includes direct representation, case consultation, advocacy, community education, training, financial counseling, and impact litigation.

NYLAG is unique for its ability to serve not only the abject poor, but also individuals and families who earn slightly above the government-designated poverty threshold. We’re able to serve this population because we neither apply for, nor do we receive, Federal Legal Services Corporation (LSC) funding. NYLAG relies heavily on private donations to enable us to serve the lower middle class and working poor individuals who still cannot afford private counsel.

NYLAG assists victims of domestic violence to escape their abusers, chronically ill and disabled patients to access lifesaving healthcare. NYLAG enables immigrants to achieve their dreams of citizenship. NYLAG assists elderly New Yorkers to receive the public benefits and homecare they need to live dignified, independent lives. NYLAG help children with special needs to attain school placements where they can learn and flourish. NYLAG prevents foreclosure and eviction by advocating to keep people in their homes.

NYLAG has 125 community offices located in courts, hospitals, and community based organizations in all five boroughs of New York City as well as Westchester, Rockland and Long Island. We also partner with over 600 health and human services agencies across the City to provide cross-referrals and ensure holistic care for New Yorkers in need.

NYLAG’s Immigrant Protection Unit (IPU) provides New York’s low-income immigrant communities with comprehensive legal services through consultation and direct representation. IPU assists individuals in securing or continuing lawful status in the United States through adjustment of status and other complex legal remedies that may be available to them. IPU also aims to facilitate family reunification through family-based immigrant petitions, as well as assist individuals to apply for asylum, U and T visas, and seek relief from removal in immigration court. As one of the largest immigrant services providers in the State of New York, IPU educates immigrant communities about the dangers of fraudulent immigration law practitioners and other barriers to attaining citizenship. Through its comprehensive approach, IPU seeks to broaden and improve access to quality legal representation and address the social welfare needs of New York’s low-income immigrant community.

NYLAG relies heavily on volunteers and interns to help support and sustain its work. The demand for NYLAG’s highly-respected immigration services is high and talented, committed interns are critical to NYLAG’s operation. Having an intern will enable the IPU to increase its case capacity and serve additional clients. The intern will also gain meaningful experience working with clients and making a direct impact in a client’s life.

Position Description

The intern will work within NYLAG’s Immigrant Protection Unit. The intern will be present during client meetings with the supervising attorney. The intern will assist as interpreter during meetings and will also contact clients by phone. The intern will conduct follow-up interviews with clients throughout the case preparation process. The intern will assist with document translation, help draft affidavits, assist with basic application assistance and filings, and will assist staff with administrative tasks associated with cases or projects. The intern may also participate in legal clinics for various communities in NYC.


Fluent Spanish speaker is preferred. Intern should be interested in working with clients of diverse backgrounds and life experiences and feel comfortable working on sensitive issues and with clients that are survivors of domestic violence or other vulnerable populations, such as undocumented youth. It's very important for an intern to be patient and open-minded, thoughtful and empathetic towards our clients and their needs.