Location: Brooklyn, NY

Address of Internships: 

Brooklyn Office: 151 Lawrence Street 3rd floor Brooklyn, NY 11201

Harlem Office: 2090 Adam Clayton Powell Jr blvd 8th floor NY, NY 10027

Number of Positions: 2

Organization Description

The mission of the Center for Alternative Sentencing and Employment Services (CASES) is to increase public safety through innovative services that reduce crime and incarceration, improve behavioral health, promote recovery and rehabilitation, and create opportunities for success in the community.

The primary focus of our work is to provide alternative to those at risk of entering, currently involved in, or post involvement with the court systems. CASES has approximately 350 employees working out of 4 boroughs.

Interns have the opportunity to work with you either through the courts or in our summer employment program. While the experiences vary, both opportunities would allow for interns to have a lasting impact on the life of a young person. Through the position in the courts, interns would be supporting staff by screening and interviewing potential intakes for our youth Alternative to Incarceration program while also being trained to advocate for youth in the court. Inters who join our summer employment program will have the opportunity to be with the same group of young people for the duration of the internship.

Both positions will get exposed to various facets of the department and agency.


Position Descriptions

  1.  Summer Youth Employment Assistant Coach Interns will join the Summer Youth Employment Team at CASES which serves youth 14-24 years old for a 6-week paid summer experience. Intern responsibilities will include: June - administrative and planning support. Interns will work with a lead Project-Based Learning coach to plan the summer activities and support the larger team with Summer orientations with youth. Project-based learning activities will undergo preliminary planning gin June and then more intensive planning gin July when youth get to the site. July - August - Interns will co-facilitate a 15-hour per week project-based learning group fro 14 & 15 year old youth (the youth are paid for their involvement). Interns will also be assigned 2-3 work sites to monitor where the 16-24 year old youth will be working. Monitoring includes working with young people to troubleshoot any work-place challenges, pick up time sheets for youth, check in with work site supervisors and report back to CASES staff if there any follow-up is needed.
  2.  Court Advocate Interns will work with staff in the Brooklyn court house located at 320 Jay Street in Brooklyn. Interns will work directly with CASES Court representatives to assist with screening potential intakes and supporting the ongoing reporting to the courts. Interns will spend time in the Brooklyn court house mostly, but will have the opportunity to visit other court houses. Direct contact with clients will be at interview stage as well as throughout the life of the case with court updates. Interns will have the opportunity to conference with other service staff to best support youth during their mandate.



 For both positions, we are looking for interns who are personable and are comfortable jumping in! We like to be social and have an open work environment. Strong communication skills are a must. Above all, interns will need to be open to learning and believe our youth deserve our time, consideration and support.