CA Trip Themes

Community Action (CA) offers the opportunity to learn about critical social issues in an immersion based environment. In 2017, CA will explore the following social issues with communities in New Jersey and beyond.


Arts and Humanities
History and the arts create a lasting impact in communities. Trips focusing on the arts and humanities will learn how communities utilize their own history and the arts as a catalyst for social change.

Community Development
Community need is at the heart of meaningful service. CA trips will work with organizations like Anchor House, which provides shelter and counseling to youth, to discover how communities are working to lift up the most vulnerable and overcome socio-economic and other challenges.

Education and Literacy
Closing the education achievement gap in and around Princeton requires creative thinking. Trips will collaborate with projects underway at organizations like Community House and Princeton Nursery School in Princeton, NJ and El Centro and Get SET in Trenton, NJ.

Environment and Sustainability
When local environments thrive there is a positive global impact. CA trips will get their hands dirty at local environmental nonprofits, community groups and municipal organizations to protect clean water, air, and land. 

Health and Human Services
Strong communities are healthy communities. Health and human services provide and advocate for the most vulnerable in our population. Trips will learn what programs are effectively addressing the needs of the food insecure, the developmentally impaired and the elderly.

Housing and Homelessness
Lack of affordable housing and the issue of homelessness affect all communities in a myriad of ways. Trips will help build community from the ground up with organizations like Homefront, which assists homeless families to become self-sufficient, or Habitat for Humanity, which brings families in need together to build decent, affordable housing.

Interfaith Service
New Jersey is one of the most religiously diverse states in the U.S. Trips will meet with leaders of many different faith groups throughout the week to investigate questions like: Why do people believe what they believe? How do people of different faith groups live together in the same community? What systemic issues do they face? 

Law and Justice
Crime, punishment and the impact of policing affect every community. Trips will take part in a close examination of the spectrum of criminal justice in the U.S. talking with prison wardens and reentry programs, advocacy organizations and district attorneys.