CA Fellows

Community Action is a week-long orientation program for the first-year class sponsored by the Pace Center for Civic Engagement. A uniquely immersive experience, CA students learn service by engaging with a range of people and cultures as they eat, sleep, and work in the communities they serve. CA seeks to promote an ethic of meaningful service among undergraduates, foster productive collaboration between the University and surrounding communities, and engage all participants in both academic and interpersonal dialogue.
CA Fellows are responsible for community partnership development, communications, service-learning activities, and logistical planning associated with all aspects of the Community Action program. Each CA Fellow will be assigned a geographic region or issue immersion (Sustainability or Arts) comprised of approximately 5-7 small groups that they are responsible for planning. CA Fellows provide support and guidance to the CA Leaders and Support Team Members located within their assigned region or issue immersion as part of the Orientation and CA training program. CA Fellows report to the Community Action Program Coordinator and receive ongoing professional development.

Meet Our Current CA Fellows for Summer 2017!
Ben Yap '20
Ipoh, Malaysia
Major: Operations, Research, and Financial Engineering
Extracurriculars: Princeton Poker Club
"As an international student, my CA trip was very interesting because it allowed me to gain new insight into the US legal system. My best experience was watching an alternative sentencing process in the Center for Court Innovation. I also met people on the trip who I would not have otherwise and that helped me transition into Princeton."

Emma Coley '20
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
Major: Religion or Anthropology
ExtracurricularsPCCV Co-Chair, member of the Religious Life Council, Bridge Year Bolivia alum, Community House volunteer
"This past year, I participated in the Bridge Year program in Bolivia. This experience introduced me to the complexities of engaging in service in a cross-cultural context. The utter messiness of this type of service quickly became apparent. Rather than spawning disillusionment, however, this complexity cultivated in me a sense of humility deeper than perhaps any other experience could.
Service is part of my Princeton life as civic engagement through PCCV and in the form of the relationships I have built with the CHASA. I try to “live service” in the classroom by allowing my service experiences to shape the very classes I take, how I use my time, the questions I ask, and the goals of my academic life."

Heather Waters '20
Leesburg, Virginia
Major: Ecology and Evolutionary
Extracurriculars:  Princeton Students for Reproductive Justice (PSRJ), Postering for the Lewis Center of the Arts
"To me, service at Princeton is doing something you're passionate about with hopes of bettering someone else's experience or awareness of problems that extend beyond campus."

Jugdip Khokher '20
Iselin, NJ
Major: Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs
Extracurriculars: Bhangra, Sikhs of Princeton, and Matriculate
" Service is to me is willingly putting in time and effort to help others and share my talents and strengths to provide some kind of benefit to society. This giving of oneself is selfless and genuine, and the service is just a showcase of that genuine care for the social issue. I try to give as much as I can to society since society has given me so much. "

Alexa Adams '20
Clifton, New Jersey
Major: English
Extracurriculars:  Tutoring with Princeton Scholars Program, Princeton Hidden Minority Council, and Scholars Institute Fellows Program
" The highlight of my CA experience was seeing the transformation of a home ruined by Hurricane Sandy. My CA group and I helped restore the home throughout the week of CA and being able to see it almost completely repaired after our service was extremely fulfilling and exciting. We learned a lot about the destructiveness of Hurricane Sandy, so it was incredible to help out a family who was still struggling years after the disaster."

Farrah Lee-Elabd '20
San Antonio, Texas
Major:  Psychology
Extracurriculars:  Varsity Fencing Team
" To me, service at Princeton means learning about and helping the community that we live in. Many Princeton students come from other states and countries, so it is valuable to learn about what makes the New Jersey region unique and what areas are in need of help so that we can give back effectively to our region. "

Chris Murphy '20
Jackson, NJ
Major: Operations, Research, and Financial Engineering
Extracurriculars:  Daily Princetonian, Club Rugby, Princeton Corporate Finance Club, STEMCivics, Princeton Sports Analytics, Club Ultimate Frisbee
" I absolutely loved my experience on CA! It made my transition into Princeton so much smoother and less stressful. Coming here, I knew almost no one at the school, but after CA I had a solid group of friends - and it was only one week! I wanted to be a CA fellow to give the same awesome experience I had to other first year students and to help create a great week of service and fun!"