Trip Leader Requirements

Breakout Princeton is not only a terrific way to engage a public issue you care about, but is also a great leadership development opportunity. Breakout Leaders receive regular peer mentorship from experienced former trip leaders and guidance from Pace Center staff before, during and after the trip. Along the way you’ll learn about leadership in the public sphere from community partners, grassroots activists, government officials, nonprofit leaders, academics, Princeton alumni and many others. At each stage you will be supported in exploring the issue at the heart of your trip and reflect on what it means to be an active citizen and an effective public leader.

In order to lead a Breakout Princeton trip, you must meet the following requirements for eligibility:

  • Be a currently enrolled undergraduate or graduate student at Princeton
  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher (graduate students must receive adviser approval)
  • Demonstrated leadership skills
  • Passion for learning about and taking action to address public issues
  • At least 5-10 hours per week to dedicate to organizing your trip
  • Be free from disciplinary probation at the time of your application and throughout the Breakout experience

Selection Criteria:

  • Have demonstrated leadership skills. Leaders will have demonstrated experience as a group leader or the potential to lead a group of fellow students
  • Knowledge of or passion to learn about trip topic
  • Commitment to learning about and taking action to address public issues
  • Commitment to development of leadership capacity in collaboration with others
  • Time to take on this position and carry it out effectively

The role of Breakout leader includes many responsibilities before, during, and after the trip. Before submitting your application, please familiarize yourself with the responsibilities and expectations of a Breakout leader.
Prior to the trip you must:

  • Research your destination/topic and organize the logistics for your trip, including identifying and cultivating relationships with community partners, arranging housing, and working with Pace staff on transportation
  •  Meet weekly with Breakout coordinators and/or Pace Center staff
  • Attend a four-hour leader training session
  • With co-leader and coordinator, set personal leadership development goals and identify learning, skill development, and leadership goals for participants
  • Work with coordinators to enumerate a detailed budget for your trip
  • Help recruit and select participants, including writing a trip description for the website, publicizing the application deadline across campus, and attending information sessions
  • Contact on-campus resources such as faculty or staff with a special expertise on your topic
  • Prepare and facilitate at least four pre-departure activities to orient and educate all participants and encourage them to take an active role in the group throughout the experience
  • Communicate clearly with your participants about expectations, program goals, deadlines, travel and risk policies, and logistics (including packing lists!)
  • Submit a detailed daily itinerary and list of community partners to the Pace Center before your departure
  • Work with coordinators to enumerate a detailed budget for your trip, and to solicit funds from University offices and departments.

During the trip co-leaders are responsible for ensuring:

  • All participants are informed of all trip components and meet expectations
  • Compliance with law and University policy
  • Safety in the community, on work sites, while traveling, etc.
  • Respect among group members and between your group and the community
  • Active involvement by all participants
  • Collaborative engagement activities, such as service projects, that respond to community-identified needs
  • Clearly articulated group values and norms
  • Daily reflection and/or learning, in both structured and informal ways
  • Shared experience via the Breakout blogs
  • Efficient and appropriate use of trip budget
  • Team spirit!

Post-trip reflection and evaluation entails:

  • Debrief leadership experience with Breakout coordinators and/or Pace Center staff
  • At least one post-trip discussion or activity with trip participants
  • Participation in a post-trip reception for the entire program
  • Submitting all receipts and post-trip accounting forms to the Pace Center
  • Completion of evaluation form
  • Completion of post-trip reflection piece or documentary project - a movie, a policy report, an ethnography, or otherwise - that demonstrates the overarching themes covered on the trip and the lessons learned.  The physical product should be easily accessible and accurate such that it could be widely disseminated to the public and approved by the community partners that one had worked with.